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Dan Homa, owner of Amada Senior Care Annapolis, knows from personal experience how valuable the right caregiver can be for a family. Dan says, “My grandmother lived to be 95 years old, and was able to stay in her house with a caregiver who came in Monday through Friday to help with her basic needs, cooking, and cleaning. My family and I pitched in on the evenings and weekends to help where she needed it. It was this experience that showed me the value a caregiver can bring to a family. At Amada, that’s what we’re here for—to take care of the needs of your family members.”

The team at Amada Senior Care Annapolis has earned a reputation for providing excellent care and companionship to residents of Glen Burnie, Riviera Beach, South Gate, Severn, Severna Park, Arnold, Bowie, and surrounding communities.

Of course, our Amada home-care aides help clients with activities of daily living such as bathing, meal preparation, and walking—but we realize that it takes so much more to impact their lives in meaningful ways. We get to know each client on a personal level, forming strong bonds and earning their trust. This allows us to understand their unique needs, preferences, and motivations so that we can help them live happier and more fulfilling lives.

At Amada Annapolis, our goal is to enrich the lives of our clients and their families in every way we can. If a senior wishes to remain at home, our home-care aides strive to make even simple, everyday tasks feel special. If home is no longer the safest or best solution for a senior, we work with clients and their families to find the ideal placement for them. We also encourage our clients and their families to use our extensive experience as a resource as they navigate the financial aspects of senior care.


Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like:




If you or a beloved senior in the Annapolis area would benefit from assistance with activities of daily living like those listed above, please contact Amada for a Free Care Needs Consultation. It is our mission to understand each of the aspects specific to your unique situation, such as care needs, personality, and budget, so we can formulate a care plan that is most beneficial to you and your family. Whether you seek in-home care, senior housing advising, help with planning for a hospital release, or any other services, we are happy to provide compassionate support and guidance at every step.




Long-Term Care Insurance Support and Advocacy

Understand Your Policy and Verify Your Benefits
Your long-term care insurance policy can be much more helpful if you understand it. Let the Amada experts help you review your policy and verify your benefits so that you can get the care you deserve.
Support with Processing Claims and Paperwork
Trust the experts at the Amada LTCi Resource Center to help you file claims and take care of other paperwork quickly so you receive your benefits as soon as possible.
Personal Advocacy Phone Calls
Each Amada team member has developed a network of contacts with insurance carriers and third-party administrators. We can call these contacts directly to advocate for our clients.
Benefit and Payment Management
In addition to helping our clients understand their LTCi policies and file claims, we continue to work with them to develop a care plan that makes the most effective use of their benefits. We can also directly bill your LTCi carrier and manage payments.


Our Commitment to You


At Amada Senior Care Annapolis, we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations to provide personalized and compassionate care every day. It is our goal to foster a nurturing care environment for our clients as well as their loved ones, because we understand that each member of a family may experience the senior care journey differently. We care for your family as if it were our own.


“We are dedicated to helping each client stay safe, healthy, and happy.”


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Amada offers two types of service for seniors and their families.

Senior Housing Advising


Many of the seniors we care for at Amada Annapolis wish to remain living at home, but there may come a time when this is no longer the safest or best option for them. We understand that this is often an emotional and frightening transition for seniors and their families, and it is our goal to guide them through the journey to senior housing with compassion and wisdom.

Some of our clients who consider assisted living are able to live relatively independently, and just want to simplify their lives and receive assistance with basic ADLs (activities of daily living). These clients often thrive in an assisted living environment where there is slightly less structure. For seniors who require help with medications and more complex medical services, a nursing home may be a more appropriate option.

Regardless of what type of senior living community you and your family choose, our team can guide you to the future home that best suits your needs. We have working relationships with nearly every residential care community in Annapolis and throughout Maryland. This, combined with our in-depth knowledge and personal interest in each of our clients, allows us to refer them to the ideal community to suit their care needs as well as their lifestyles, location preferences, and budgets. 

We have found that many of our clients have not yet considered moving to an assisted living environment because they feel it will be too great a financial burden on their families. However, we can help you make the most of resources like veterans’ benefits, long-term care insurance, and other non-traditional payment methods, which means that you can likely afford much more than you thought.

At Amada Senior Care Annapolis, we will help you and your family find the perfect senior living arrangement for you. We provide referrals to such places as:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Large and small communities
  • Independent living communities
  • Board and care homes
  • Adult family homes
  • Senior care homes
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Alzheimer/dementia communities

Click here for a Free Care Needs Consultation, or call.


You’re Never Too Far Away with BeClose


Families often struggle to find a compromise between a senior’s desire to live independently at home and their loved ones’ concerns for their safety. Fortunately for our clients, Amada has partnered with leading technology developers to create a revolutionary home monitoring system that enables seniors to live safely at home and gives their families peace of mind: BeClose.

BeClose is not a single product, but a full line of remote care and home monitoring solutions that clients can customize fully. Clients can choose from products like medication monitors to help them know if Dad missed a dose, automatic door locks and thermostats to keep a house secure and comfortable, and alarms to notify family and first responders of potential emergencies like falls and intruders. Each BeClose device has been designed for ease of use as well as subtle appearance, and the entire system regularly sends updates to family members through a secure mobile app. Through BeClose, we can also notify families of any changes in behavioral patterns or routines that may signal the need for additional care or supervision. 

Whether your senior loved one lives across town or across the country, Amada can provide you with a way to always BeClose—no matter where you are. To learn more about BeClose, contact Amada for a Free Consultation.




Amada has consistently looked to harness the latest technology to improve senior care. We are widely recognized as the first company in the industry to develop an online portal system that allows direct communication between caregivers and families: Transparent. With Transparent, loved ones can enter a secure personal ID and password to get real-time updates on caregiver tasks, ADLs, and more.

Veterans Assistance Programs


Annapolis is undoubtedly a Navy town, and we at Amada Senior Care Annapolis are proud to work with many veterans from all branches of the military. Through our years of experience providing senior care to veterans, we have learned that many eligible individuals don’t take full advantage of government programs to assist with the cost of care. One such program is the VA Aid and Attendance benefit, which provides wartime veterans and their surviving spouses with monthly income to pay for assistance with activities of daily living. To learn more about Aid and Attendance or other programs, please contact us for a Free Veteran Care Needs Consultation.

Who is Eligible for Aid and Attendance Benefits?

1. Military Service
  • To qualify for this benefit, a veteran must have served at least one day of active duty during a time of war and a total of 90 days’ active duty overall.
  • Aid and Attendance is not available to veterans who were dishonorably discharged.
2. Personal Care Needs
  • Claimant must currently need help with activities of daily living from another person.
  • These activities may include toileting, bathing, meal preparation, walking, or others.
3. Income
  • Claimant must spend the majority of his or her income on care.
  • Benefits are determined by the amount of income spent on care.
4. Assets
  • Claimant’s assets must not exceed a limit set by the VA.
  • Age and financial need are key factors in the determination of this limit.
How VA Aid and Attendance Benefits can Help You:

Through the use of VA Aid and Attendance benefits, wartime veterans and surviving spouses gain more financial flexibility for their care plans and potential placements. These benefits are also:

  • Tax free
  • Paid monthly to claimant by the US Treasury
  • Paid in addition to military pensions
  • Not required to be paid back as long as claimant remains eligible.



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