by Jennifer Stankard on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Wonderful service and staff

I engaged Amada Senior Care to help my mom transition into a new independent living facility after her being in the hospital for 2 weeks. Amada provided wonderful caregivers - all were attentive and caring. Lauren was with mom the most and she was awesome. She and I mapped out a care plan, and she not only met the plan but exceeded it by taking initiative. She took mom on outings, made sure she attended activities and meals, and encouraged her socially. She sent me many texts and pictures during the day to keep me updated on mom's activities and progress. Before she left she made many bright, multi-color signs to help mom remember everything from where she keeps her key to how to use the coffee maker. Mom's cognitive progress improvement just in one week was amazing I believe because of Lauren's energy, enthusiasm and willingness to think outside the box.

I had a good experience with Amada, from the first contact with Christi Jo to my sad goodbye to Lauren. They will be my first call if/when we need caregiving services in the future.

by Morgan Salley on Amada Senior Care Reviews
LOVE working for Amada Austin

First of all, I feel so totally blessed to be a part of this amazing company. I'm thankful that I was given the opportunity to jump on board because not only do I love the upbeat personality of the team, but it's so cool to watch this business grow as fast as it is! Thank you, Patrick and Tanya, for always going above and beyond for not only our clients but for your employees!

by Amada Senior Care of Austin earns A+ Rating on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada Senior Care of Austin earns A+ Rating

Amada Senior Care of Austin, Texas abides by the highest standards in the provision of in-home care.

Thank you Sheila and the rest of the Board at the Home Care Standards Bureau for your 5 Star Review and taking the time to Audit our company. It is a total honor at Amada Senior Care Austin to have achieved an A+ Rating with your Rating Agency. We will carry your A+ Rating with pride.

by Sheila Rodgers on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Sheila Rodgers

Amada Senior Care of Austin, Texas is A+ Certified and abides by the highest standards in providing in-home care.

by Jamie Yancy on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Jamie Yancy

AMADA Senior Care is a Amazing company to work for!!! I have never been involved with a company that has grown so fast. I have worked at several other senior care companies as a caregiver in the Austin area for last 5 years and AMADA is so far ahead of them all. They all pale in comparison to AMADA! All of the other companies do not take the time to recognize their employees potential for growth. This is not the case with Tanya and Patrick. They take a huge interest in each individual's potential and nurture it with support, training, and job opportunities. Working at Amada is like being a part of a big family. Patrick and Tanya are always ready to listen and provide solutions to the concerns brought to them by their employees. I could go on and on, but I will end by saying: it's an honor to work for AMADA Senior Care in Austin Texas!

by Jamie Yancy on Amada Senior Care Reviews
AMADA is the best!!!!!!!!

Working for AMADA Senior Care has been nothing short but an awesome experience!! I have never seen a company grow so fast. I have been a caregiver for 5 years and have worked for several other senior care companies and AMADA is the best. All of the other companies do not take the time out to recognize the potential for growth in their employees. This is not the case with Tanya and Patrick. They notice potential and nurture it with training, support and job opportunities. Tanya and Patrick listen, address, and provide solutions to the concerns brought to them by their employees. That is truly an impressive trait to have from management. It is an honor to work for AMADA.

Jamie, You have been a fantastic addition to the Amada Family ! Your hard work and dedication has really helped our clients and we really appreciate your attention to detail. Thanks again for making a difference in their lives.

by JACQUELINE MALLOY on Amada Senior Care Reviews

I had been blessed with good health until the last couple years. As they say -- getting old(er) is not for Sissies! It is only July of this year, and I have spent more than 45 days in hospitals and 20+ days in in-patient rehab. After each of my hospital/rehab ventures, Amada Senior Care has provided me with caring, qualified individuals to assist my transition back home possible. The Company was recommended to me by a friend, who works in the Senior Care arena. She assured me that Patrick would help me find the resources I would need. He has reviewed my Long-Term-Care Insurance information to see that I understand the benefits that may be helpful to me and he and Tanya have kept me informed regarding my scheduling. All of this is very important, as I have 2 more surgeries to "look forward to" in the next 4 or 5 months. Amada will be there for me again soon. Thanks to all who have been helpful to me.

I 100% agree with you Jacquie about getting older. It's a little challenging sometimes. You have been Awesome to work with and care for. I recieve fantastic reports back about your positive attitude and it's very contagious for all of our caregivers. Thanks Again for your Trust !

by Myrtle Foster on Amada Senior Care Reviews
I Don't Know What I Would Do Without Amada

I moved from Arizona to Georgetown, Texas to be closer to my daughter because I started to fall and I needed physical assistance. My daughter and I was first referred to Patrick Murphy at Amada by the manager of the Independent Living Community where I live. Patrick visited with us and we liked him right off the bat. He was very kind and conscientious. Patrick worked with my daughter and I to help file a claim on my long term care insurance policy. He was wonderful. He handeled the entire process and got the claim approved. He saved us a lot of time. Patrick was very patient with us as he asked a lot questions to help me. Amada's caregivers have made my life so much easier. They are very helpful. They help me everyday with my showers, medications, getting dressed, and going for walks. They have been caring for me for just about a year now. I love all the caregivers at Amada and they are all so helpful. I would recommend Patrick and Amada to anyone.

Thank You Mickey for your kind words ! Mary always talks about how positive you are. You always have a smile on your face and it such a joy to always pop by. Thank you for your trust in letting us serve you !

by Alexis Davis on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Alexis Davis

5 stars at all that Amada Senior Care does. This company is one of the best. To work for and to care for your love ones. I've been employed with Amanda for a little over 8 months and I must say it has been a true blessing. From the loving hugs and kisses I receive from our clients to such a great staff. I love Amada Senior Care and I know they love me back.

by Mary Manwell on Amada Senior Care Reviews
The Best of the Best !!!!

I am a former LVN/ Hospice nurse of 35 years .... I have worked in hospital, doctors offices... I have had a few bosses in my time , but when I came to work for "AMADA SENIOR CARE" It was the BEST thing I could have ever done !!!! Tanya Bright is the best , she really cares about her employees with all her heart ...She lets all of the employees how much we are needed and wanted... She is the BOSS of a life time !!!! Patrick Murphy , the owner and CEO ,is a very amazing man !!! He is very compassionate, and shows his employees how much he really cares! Patrick Murphy, visits his clients personally making sure they are doing ok .... How awesome is that ?? I have only been working for Amada for 8 months , I was placed in "THE OAKS GRACIOUS LIVING FACILITY " in Georgetown.... The residents are always hugging us, kissing us on our cheeks and telling us that we are "AMADA's ANGELS " ... When you walk in and everyone calls out your name to say "hello" ... That makes my Day !!!! I can't explain the fulfillment, the joy, the love that we feel on a daily basis....Patrick Murphy and Tanya Bright are the BEST OF THE BEST , with bosses like these I couldn't ask for anything more!! Thank you Both!

Mary...... You're a Total Super Star and I can't Thank You enough for what you do for our clients. The only reason AMADA Austin is where is today is because of Amazing people like you. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication.

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