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Fighting Cancer With Community

“The cancer has spread to my liver.” Meet Lisa Reid-Liard, a former Amada employee, who has been fighting the battle against colorectal cancer. For the past three years, Lisa worked as an office manager for Amada South Bay where she spent much of her time caring for seniors and Veterans. Regardless of whether Lisa was guiding seniors through their long-term care options or caring for them at their bedside, Lisa made sure each person was taken care of with a friendly smile, a warm heart, and deep empathy. Lisa’s compassionate heart did not end with her clients. She’s always been and continues to…

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Why is Malnutrition Common in Older Adults?

Who comes to mind when you think about malnutrition?  Many will think of the homeless living in your city, or the children residing in less-developed countries. But what about the elderly? According to the Alliance For Aging Research, malnutrition is an underrecognized and underreported problem among older adults in the United States. Here are a few shocking statistics about malnutrition in the elderly. As many as one in two older adults are at risk for malnutrition. Click To Tweet Up to 65 percent of hospitalized older adults could face malnutrition. Click To Tweet Malnutrition can increase hospital stays by up to 2-4…

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How Home Care Helps Seniors Sleep Better

You probably know the feeling of having had a bad night’s sleep. Maybe you have a harder time focusing and everything and it seems like it requires more energy. Yet with a little extra caffeine, you can make it through the day without anyone noticing. It’s only when a bad night’s sleep persists for a long time that it begins to take a toll on the overall quality of your life. Not only can you become increasingly irritable, depressed, and unable to focus, but seniors also risk much more serious consequences – including falls. Here are some of the most common reasons older adults may have…

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How Skin Changes As You Age

Skin is the most reliable (and often the only) visual indicator someone has when forming an initial opinion about you. Because of this, you may find yourself putting a great deal of effort in maintaining your skin’s appearance. In American culture, this “maintenance” often translates to prolonging your youthful appearance. Being mistaken for being older than you are is insulting while looking younger is a compliment. As a result, there are plenty of people ready to capitalize on this by bombarding you with advertisements featuring products that claim to prevent or even reverse the signs of aging. While some of these products may be…

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5 Tips For a Successful Conversation About Long-Term Care

Starting a conversation about long-term care with your aging loved one can be uncomfortable. As a result, you may be tempted to put it off until tomorrow. But far too often, tomorrow never comes and before you know it – it’s too late. But given that at least 70 percent of people over 65 years old will require some form of assistance in their lifetime, a conversation about long-term care is one we should all be having. That being said, here are 5 tips to help you initiate, approach, and end a productive conversation about long-term care with your aging loved one. 1. Do your homework. Before you…

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