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BeClose with Amada

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Amada Senior Care has partnered with the organization “BeClose” to provide a new in-home safety service for seniors and their loved ones. BeClose with Amada is a technology solution that allows loved ones to monitor a senior when they are alone in their home. “In some cases, seniors either aren’t ready for an in-home caregiver or a full-time caregiver isn’t an affordable option,” said Michael Demoratz, national clinical director for Amada Senior Care. “In these situations, the BeClose with Amada system can be ideal as a preventative, proactive approach to senior care that still supports independence.” Because of the way…

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POLST and Advance Care Directives for End of Life Care

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It can be an uncomfortable and challenging topic – which is why preparing for the end of one’s life is often an avoided task. However, not being prepared for such a situation can be disadvantageous to patients and their families. This is why Dr. Michael Demoratz, National Clinical Director for Amada Senior Care, focuses on educating families about the importance of Advance Care Planning. “If you deal with some of these issues before they become a crisis, they’re easier to handle,” Dr. Demoratz said. Currently, only 25 percent of Americans have recorded their end-of-life medical wishes in a legal document….

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The Long-Term Care Insurance Investment: What You Need to Know

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Fifty years ago, the average life expectancy in the United States was 65. Today, the life expectancy is over 70 for men and even higher for women, and the fastest growing group in the United States is persons over the age of 85. By the year 2040, it is estimated that there will be more than 1 million people in the United States reaching the age of 100. With longer life expectancy comes the need to plan not only for retirement, but for possible long-term health care. “Americans are living longer and the consequence is more people needing long term…

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2015 Resolutions for Mental and Emotional Health

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In our collective psyche, the phrase “New Year’s resolution” has come to suggest a set of goals and changes that we commit to in January that will probably barely last until the end of the month. We joke about making them, and joke even more about breaking them. We often give ourselves the almost impossible task of changing everything at once and tend to think in very broad terms – eating healthy, getting organized, losing weight. If you have these types of vague, lofty goals, they need to be broken down into bite- sized pieces that can be easily digested…

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Help the Seniors You Care for Enjoy the Holidays

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The holiday season has just begun – a season which should, ideally, be a wonderful time to appreciate the joys of family life and friendship. This time of year is often the only time parents, children, siblings and other relatives can pull away from their busy lives long enough to spend a few days enjoying the company of the whole family. However, expectations can run unrealistically high; with visions of a happy, peaceful time, free of argument and dissension.  Yet emotions are heightened at holiday time – both the highs and the lows.  We all want the occasion to be…

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