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Family Caregivers: Finding the Courage to Ask for Help When You Need It


Many words can be used to describe the role of a family caregiver, but “easy” is not one of them. Caregiving is demanding and stressful, yet if done right, it can be incredibly rewarding. Unfortunately, many family caregivers neglect to recognize their personal limitations and they set unrealistic goals about the amount of care they can provide. Having impractical expectations in combination with an unhealthy attitude towards the acceptance of help is the quickest way to end up chronically stressed and on the road to caregiver burnout. When you notice your role as a family caregiver is affecting your quality of life, it’s…

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The Importance of Finding Purpose in Your Senior Years


Your values are constantly evolving with age. After each milestone, you may find yourself questioning your life and its meaning. Every time you do this, you are reevaluating what is referred to as your sense of purpose. Your sense of purpose is dependent on your values and it will most likely change many times throughout your life. The things that define you one day may longer seem relevant the next. The most common trigger for this periodic evaluation is a major life event. The death of a loved one, a tough breakup, or a drastic change in career are all…

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3 Surprising Ways Seniors Can Boost Brain Health


Today, people are living longer than ever before. Rapid improvements in healthcare technology have given many the opportunity to live well beyond a century while maintaining the ability to do things they never thought possible with their aging bodies. As exciting as this may sound, living a longer life comes with new challenges, including the threat of cognitive decline. For many, just saying the words ‘cognitive decline’ is enough to cause a bit of anxiety. No one wants to live their life with the constant fear that they are going to lose their mind. Fortunately, there are certain activities seniors can incorporate into their…

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


You may have noticed your world has recently become significantly pinker. Stores are carrying more pink merchandise, your friends are adorned with pink ribbons, and even NFL players are flaunting pink attire. This pink phenomenon is not in your head. The sudden onset is an effort to support an important cause – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What is Breast Cancer? Breast cancer is a disease where malignant (cancerous) cells form in the breast. Although these cancerous cells start by growing and invading healthy cells in the breast, they can eventually make their way to other areas of the body…

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The Devastating Truth About Depression in the Elderly


Depression in the elderly has been given many names over the years. From geriatric depression to late-life depression, one thing remains the same: this form of depression hits after the age of 65 and the damage it can cause is devastating. So regardless of what we call it, it’s important that we discuss and are educated about it. The Importance of Depression in the Elderly Depression can hit at any age, but older adults are at a higher risk of developing depression than any other age group. The majority of them have at least one chronic health condition, while about half of them…

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