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OBAMACARE: What’s in effect and what is still to come?

by Jane Noble Aug.13.2012 The American healthcare system is vast and complex and it feels complicated because it simply is. Few people understand all its intricate workings and so often, the language used to describe it is convoluted, pretentious and stuffed with jargon. With new reforms being introduced, there is now even more information to assimilate. Times of change are exciting, but are also very unnerving as we struggle to re-imagine our healthcare system. Without a crystal ball, not even the experts can accurately predict the long-term future, but a good starting point is to know what changes are already…

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Sandwich Generation – Independence or Bust

By Tafa Jefferson Oct.11.2012 Tough economic times have forced more and more families to be responsible for the care of aging parents. The term Sandwich Generation highlights a growing demographic of middle agers caring simultaneously for children and for ailing parents.

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