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Secrets of Longevity

secrets of longevity

As the senior population grows, the number of centenarians ­– those over the age of 100 – continues to rise. In the United States, there are currently over 70,000 centenarians. Lynn Peters Adler, author of Celebrate 100: Centenarian Secrets to Success in Business and Life, said that 1 in 26 baby boomers is now expected to live to 100, and many more than that will live into their mid-to-late 90s. So what are the secrets of longevity? The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society said that living past 100 mostly depends on one factor – genetics. However, other lifestyle factors…

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Five Essential Tips for Living with Arthritis


As temperatures begin to drop this season, the millions of seniors with arthritis will most likely experience an increase in pain, swelling and stiffness of the joints. Nearly half of those over 65 have arthritis. While there is no cure, seniors who suffer from arthritis can manage their symptoms with the following tips.   Exercise While the symptoms of arthritis may make exercise seem impossible, it’s probably the best form of medicine, said Neil Roth, M.D., an orthopedic and sports medicine specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. “It is a catch 22, because arthritis pain can prevent a…

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The Biggest Senior Mental Health Issue Today

senior mental health

As parents and grandparents age, many adult children (and seniors themselves) fear that their loved one will be diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, enduring years of cognitive decline and ultimately death as a result of the crippling disease. When we think of mental health issues in seniors, Alzheimer’s and dementia is at the forefront of our thoughts, conversations, and research. However, there is another silent killer that poses the biggest threat to senior mental health–– depression. Depressive disorders are the top mental health issue faced by seniors today, said gerontologist Patrick Arbore, EdD, director of the Center for Elderly Suicide Prevention…

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Choosing the Best Senior Living Community

senior living

The majority of seniors agree that aging in place in your own home is ideal. For those who need a minimum amount of help every day with non-medical activities, in-home care can be a great option. However, if seniors are looking to live in a community environment, or if their care needs exceed in-home care, it may be time to look at other senior living options. Fortunately, there are several types of communities available to them, ranging from independent living to skilled nursing homes.  Families want the best care and environment possible for their elderly loved ones, but waiting until…

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Preventing Senior Falls

senior falls

Each year, one out of three Americans over the age of 65 will fall; it’s the leading cause of fatal injury among seniors and the most common non-fatal injury. A fall may not seem like a serious issue, but they can have serious effects on seniors with weakened bones and immune systems. However, falls are not an inevitable part of aging. Most falls are preventable, and seniors can have the ability to reduce their risk. The National Council on Aging recommends the following steps to reduce the risk of falls.   Exercise to Improve Your Balance, Strength, and Flexibility Exercising…

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