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Rich Frizzell,
owner of Amada Senior Care Mid Maryland, understands the level of compassion and care many of our clients need because he has seen it provided to members of his own family. Rich says, “When I was a young boy, my grandmother began to show severe signs of Alzheimer’s and we moved her into my home. This is when I began to learn what true compassion was, as I watched my mother take care of her own mother, who, quite honesty, didn’t even remember her name or who she was. Now, I see my mother in a similar situation, needing care and support as she becomes increasingly limited by her age.”

“I know what it is to care for a loved one. What I absolutely love about Amada is that it gives me so many opportunities to do the right thing for seniors. This is a service I am passionate about, because it hits very close to home.”

At Amada Mid Maryland, Rich and our team realize that not every family is able to care for their senior loved ones, which is why we are committed to taking care of each client as though he or she were a member of our own family. It is our mission to help our clients feel safe, comfortable, and valued and to help their loved ones feel confident that Mom or Dad is being cared for by the best in the industry.



Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like:




If you or someone you love in the greater Frederick or Mid Maryland area would benefit from assistance with activities of daily living, please contact Amada for a Free Care Needs Consultation. We are here to support clients and their families through all of their senior care needs, whether we are providing in-home care, referring clients to the ideal care community for their unique needs, or even finding ways to make sure clients can afford the care they deserve.



Long-Term Care Insurance Support

Review Policies and Verify Benefits
Long-term care insurance policies can be difficult to understand, and this may prevent some seniors making the most of their benefits. Our LTCi experts can help you review your policy and verify your benefits to make sure you have access to the care you deserve.
Help with Claims and Paperwork
When you are trying to secure care for yourself or a loved one, you don’t have time to puzzle over insurance claims and forms. Let us help you file LTCi claims efficiently so that you can begin to use your benefits as soon as possible.
We Personally Advocate for our Clients
Many of our clients have felt frustrated and discouraged when they tried to get in touch with a representative of their LTCi carrier but instead got phone menus and long hold times. We have connections at multiple insurance carriers and third-party administrators, and will be happy to call our contacts directly to advocate for you.
LTCi Benefit and Payment Management Experts
Through our years of experience, we have learned how to use LTCi benefits most effectively. We can help you develop a customized plan of care that allows you to use your benefits wisely. We can also monitor your payments or even bill your LTCi carrier directly upon request.


Our Commitment


As Rich Frizzell says, caring for your loved ones is personal for the team at Amada Senior Care Mid Maryland. We are passionate about providing the high-quality care and companionship your loved one deserves, because we would expect nothing less for our own loved ones. Our goal is to form strong bonds with each of our clients so that we can most effectively meet their needs and find personalized ways to enrich their lives on a daily basis.


“Amada gives us the opportunity to do the right thing for seniors every day.”


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Amada offers two types of service for seniors and their families.

Senior Housing Advising


If in-home care is not the safest or most beneficial option for a senior you love, trust the experts at Amada Senior Care Mid Maryland to help you find the right care community where he or she can thrive. As Rich Frizzell says, “We take great pride in being able to provide the best care and the most appropriate fit for your loved one. As unique as your situation might be, we’re going to help you find the place that feels like home.”

Honestly evaluating the level of care a senior requires is essential to finding the community where he or she will be safest and most comfortable. Seniors who need significant assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) or require complex medical services are best served in a nursing home. Assisted living communities allow seniors to live a bit more independently and usually do not provide medical care, but still offer help with ADLs.

Once we establish what level of care will benefit a client the most, we feel that it is just as important to also consider factors that will contribute to a senior’s enjoyment of life. Learning more about the way a senior likes to socialize, the activities he or she enjoys, and other unique preferences is what allows us to find the placement that is ideal for them.

For many of the families we work with, cost is a significant concern as they begin to consider senior living options. Your loved one deserves the very best care, and we’re here to help you find the best way to pay for it. Once our Amada team helps you make use of veterans’ benefits, long-term care insurance, and even life insurance, you might be surprised by how affordable quality care is.

We are in communication with the best board and care centers, nursing homes, and assisted living communities throughout Mid Maryland, and we are confident that the Amada team can help you and your family find the placement where your loved one feels at home. At Amada Senior Care, we specialize in providing referrals to:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Large and small communities
  • Independent living communities
  • Board and care homes
  • Adult family homes
  • Senior care homes
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Alzheimer/dementia communities

Click here for a Free Care Needs Consultation, or call 877-442-6232.


Home Care Technology


When seniors are determined to remain living at home but their loved ones worry for their safety, it can be difficult to find a compromise that satisfies everyone. Fortunately for our clients, Amada Senior Care has harnessed the latest technology to make it safe for seniors to maintain their independence: our BeClose home monitoring system.

BeClose consists of an array of products and devices that our clients can choose from to customize their home monitoring system. With such solutions as indoor and outdoor security cameras, medication monitors, automated door locks and thermostats, and instant alarms for falls and emergencies, families are able to know that their loved one is safe and comfortable. Each BeClose product is designed to be easy to use and visually unobtrusive, and the whole system sends real-time updates to families through a secure mobile app. With BeClose by Amada, we can even notify you if we notice a change in your loved one’s routine or behavior patterns so your care plan can evolve if necessary.

To learn more about how you can always “BeClose” to your loved one through remote care technology, contact Amada Senior Care for a Free Consultation.



Amada has consistently led the senior care industry when it comes to technology. We are considered the first company to introduce an online portal system to help families communicate with caregivers. Families can log on to our Transparent system through a secure password to see updates on caregiver activities and other aspects of their loved one’s care at any time.

Senior Care Assistance for Veterans


At Amada Senior Care Mid Maryland, we are experts at helping our clients manage the costs of senior care by taking advantage of resources they may not have been aware of. One such resource is the VA Aid and Attendance benefit program, which provides monthly financial support to wartime veterans and their surviving spouses who need help with activities of daily living. If you would like to learn more about veterans’ benefits or need help applying for Aid and Attendance, please Click here for a Free Veteran’s Care Needs Consultation.

Eligibility for Aid and Attendance:

1. Military Service
  • To qualify for Aid and Attendance, a veteran must have served at least one day of active duty during wartime and a minimum of 90 days’ total active duty.
  • Eligibility is denied to veterans with a dishonorable discharge.
2. Personal Care Needs
  • These benefits are specifically for veterans or their spouses who require help from another person with activities of daily living.
  • Qualifying ADLs may include (but are not limited to) bathing, walking, eating, and food preparation.
3. Income
  • Claimant must spend the majority of his or her income on care.
  • Benefits correspond to the percentage of income spent on care, up to a maximum.
4. Assets
  • Claimant’s assets must not exceed a limit set by the VA.
  • Age and financial need are considered when this threshold is determined.
How VA Aid and Attendance Benefits can Help You:

VA benefits have helped many of our clients significantly reduce their senior care costs. Aid and Attendance benefits are:

  • Tax free.
  • Paid in addition to pensions.
  • Paid directly to claimants every month by the US Treasury.



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