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Kimberly Perkins-Akers and Kris Patmos are the owners of Amada Senior Care Mesa and long-time friends. Kris says, “We’ve been through many things together, including church ministry, raising our children, and now caring for our aging parents.” Just as Kim and Kris have been able to support each other as their families entered the world of senior care, they and the Amada Mesa team want to support you and your family with all of your senior care questions and needs.

Since Kim and Kris have both sought senior care for their own parents, they understand how important it is to ensure the highest quality of care for the people you love, and that this can have a dramatic impact on seniors as well as their family members. Kim says, “Like many sons and daughters, I am part of what we call ‘the sandwich generation.’ We have children at home, careers, spouses we invest our time in, and meanwhile, we are also taking care of the needs of our aging parents. As I have journeyed with my parents as the oldest daughter in our family, I have found freedom in having others come in and help my parents with food preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, exercise, and other activities of daily living. Now, when I’m with my parents, I am with my parents—I can be the daughter I want to be and enjoy the time I have with them.”

Our goal at Amada Mesa is to care for your loved one with the same level of dedication and compassion we would expect for our own parents and grandparents so that you can find peace in knowing they are not only safe, but also comfortable and content. We honestly take pleasure in seeing our senior clients smile, and seek to enrich their lives by offering personalized care and companionship. 

At Amada Senior Care Mesa, we proudly provide comprehensive senior care services to families in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Maricopa County, Sun Lakes, Higley, and other nearby communities. This means that in addition to providing quality in-home care, we also help families with assisted living placement and even finding the best way to pay for a loved one’s care.

As Kim and Kris know from experience, it can mean the world to have a friend by your side as you navigate senior care. This is what we strive to be for our clients at Amada Senior Care Mesa.

Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like:





If you or someone you love in the Mesa area could benefit from help with activities of daily living like those listed here, please contact Amada Senior Care today. Our goal is to create a care plan that is custom-tailored to perfectly suit each client’s unique needs, preferences, and family situation. We will be pleased to assist you and your family with any senior care needs you may have, from in-home care, to senior living advising and placement, to helping you figure out the best way to pay for the care your loved one deserves and more. 



Long-Term Care Insurance Guidance

Policy Review and Benefit Verification
We will help you understand your long-term care insurance policy and verify your benefits so that you can effectively use them to get the care you need.
Help with Claims and Paperwork
LTCi claim forms and other paperwork can be complex and daunting. The experts at Amada will help you file claims and other paperwork in a timely manner so you can receive your benefits quickly.
Your Personal LTCi Advocates
The staff at the Amada LTCi Resource Center have been helping families use their benefits for years, and have developed working relationships with many insurance carriers and administrators. We frequently call our contacts directly to personally advocate for our clients.
Assigning Benefits and Monitoring Payments
Amada will work with you to develop and oversee a customized care plan to make the best use of your benefits. We can also monitor LTCi payments or even directly bill carriers upon clients’ requests.


Our Commitment


At Amada Senior Care Mesa, Kim Akers and Kris Patmos are committed to treating our clients and their loved ones with compassion and guiding them through senior care with wisdom and understanding. As they say, “Our mission is to show grace, provide dignity, offer strength to family, and enrich lives.”


“Look  at your Amada team as trusted friends who truly want the best for your family.”



Kimberly Perkins-Akers and Kris Patmos


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 11 reviews
by Terri Murdoch on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada has been a god send to our family, I am a daughter that lives out of state from my parents and with their health failing it has been so hard to make sure their needs are met. With the help of Kimberly & Kris from Amada they have made the transition so much easier for myself and my folks.. They both have gone up and above the call of duty for us..

Loving Amada Senior Care!

My experience with Kimberly at Amada Senior Care was nothing short of spectacular! We received a referral to Amada from my Mother's Physician, however I knew absolutely nothing about what the process entailed or what if any outside resources might be available. From my first conversation with Kimberly, I knew this was the Company we needed to guide us through the process. She led us through EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Literally. From helping us contact my parents long term care insurance and handling all the logistics of that, plus connecting us with all the available outside resources that were able to help, to finding us a wonderful caregiver for my mother. Kimberly has been available at every turn in the road to both lend her support and advice to both myself and my family. She showed so much compassion, love and understanding to my parents who were both hesitant to begin receiving In Home Care Services. Kimberly was prepared and ready to handle all aspects of the process, so that I could concentrate on my mother. God Bless you, Kimberly. You are my angel! 😇

Renee, Thank you for the kind words! It is God working in and through our Amada team to serve families like yours. It is overwhelming how to help our parents as they age - especially if they have long term care insurance. We are so honored to be of support for your parents, and you, so that you can have peace of mind as a daughter. Let us know how we can continue to be a resource of support and education. 🙂

Caring and compassionate care givers

The caregivers have been very attentive with my father. The caregivers have come from a good place, the heart. The owners are very dedicated to providing the individualized support needed. The company is very professional, and quick to address any concerns and needs. I give four stars instead of five only because I believe everyone has room to become better and greater. I would highly recommend Amada Senior Care to anyone that asks me.

Thank you, Ivan! Our first Amada value is to show compassion and caring - - that is exactly what our caregivers do and who they are. We enjoy serving your dad, and your family. We also agree there is room for improvement with all people and businesses, and we look forward to constantly improve and serve others in the Southeast Valley. Thanks again!

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Senior Housing Advising


At Amada Senior Care Mesa, it is our mission to walk beside our clients and their families wherever their senior care journeys take them. So when home care ceases to be the best option for seniors, we work with them to find the assisted living community that best fits their physical, emotional, and financial needs.

Mesa has been a popular retirement destination for years, and that means that our Amada clients have many residential senior care options to choose from. We realize how overwhelming this can be for families unfamiliar with how senior living works, so we take time to explain everything and help them make important decisions with confidence.

First, it’s important for a family to know which type of senior living community will be most suitable for their beloved senior. For example, a nursing home may be a good fit for a senior who requires frequent assistance with ADLs and access to complex medical services. On the other hand, an assisted living community will provide non-medical support and usually offers a more independent and active lifestyle.

Since we at Amada Mesa have been working in the senior care field for years, we have established relationships with most of the senior living communities in this area. Our deep insight into these communities allows us to guide seniors to the placement most ideal to suit their individual needs, such as location, activities and hobbies, lifestyle, and other personal preferences.

We realize that some families may be intimidated by the costs of residential senior care. Fortunately, we have become experts at helping clients explore veterans’ benefits, long-term care insurance policies, life insurance, and other non-traditional methods of paying for assisted living. We are determined to help you find the best way to afford the care your loved one deserves.

At Amada Senior Care Mesa, we are determined to help our clients and their families feel confident that they have found the very best senior housing solution for their unique needs. We’ll help you explore every option, including:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Large and small communities
  • Independent living communities
  • Board and care homes
  • Adult family homes
  • Senior care homes
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Alzheimer/dementia communities

Click here for a Free Care Needs Consultation, or call 


Home Care Technology


At Amada Mesa, we have worked with multiple families that have struggled to strike a compromise between their concerns about a senior’s safety and his or her determination to remain independent and at home. Because it has always been our goal to lead clients to the best possible solution to their unique senior care needs, we partnered with leading developers to create a revolutionary new senior care option: remote care with our BeClose system.

BeClose is a fully-customized home monitoring system that allows families to keep a “virtual eye” on beloved seniors from anywhere and at any time and feel confident in their safety. We offer devices such as medication monitors so you can be certain Dad took his morning meds, automated thermostats so Mom stays warm and comfortable at night, and even button-free alarms that immediately summon help in emergencies like falls, fires, or intruders. Each device in the BeClose system is designed to allow seniors to go about their daily business with few to no changes so that they feel as independent as possible, and the entire system provides real-time updates to their loved ones through a secure mobile app. BeClose can even notify your family if a change in a senior’s behavioral patterns or routine is detected so you can quickly address any potential issues.

If you’d like to learn more about our state-of-the-art BeClose monitoring system, Click Here for a Free Consultation with a Member of the Amada Team.



Our Transparent portal system is another innovation that has led to Amada’s reputation as the leader in senior care technology. Loved ones can log on to Transparent with a secure personal ID and password, then access updates such as caregiver duties completed, seniors’ ADLs, and more.

Veterans Assistance Programs


We specialize in helping families take advantage of every available resource to help them afford quality senior care. One program that has been especially beneficial to many of our Amada Mesa clients is the VA Aid and Attendance benefit. Aid and Attendance provides significant monthly financial support to wartime veterans and surviving spouses who need help with ADLs. To learn more about Aid and Attendance and other benefits for veterans, please Click here for a Free Veteran’s Care Needs Consultation.

How is Aid and Attendance Eligibility Determined?

1. Military Service
  • Aid and Attendance benefits are for veterans who served at least 90 days’ active duty with at least one of those days served during wartime.
  • This benefit is not available for veterans with a dishonorable discharge.
2. Personal Care Needs
  • Claimants of this benefit must currently need help with activities of daily living from another person.
  • ADLs may include (but are not limited to) walking, eating, meal preparation, bathing, and medication reminders.
3. Income
  • Qualified veterans must spend most of their income on care.
  • Benefits are determined, up to a set maximum, according to the percentage of income spent on care.
4. Assets
  • Applicants must have assets below a threshold set by the VA.
  • Determination of this limit will depend upon age and financial need.
How VA Aid and Attendance Benefits can Help You:

For many veterans and surviving spouses, VA Aid and Attendance benefits can be the difference between “making do” and getting the quality of care they deserve. These benefits are:

  • Paid directly to claimants every month by the US Treasury.
  • Paid in addition to military and other pensions.
  • Tax free.

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