by Terri Murdoch on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada has been a god send to our family, I am a daughter that lives out of state from my parents and with their health failing it has been so hard to make sure their needs are met. With the help of Kimberly & Kris from Amada they have made the transition so much easier for myself and my folks.. They both have gone up and above the call of duty for us..

Loving Amada Senior Care!

My experience with Kimberly at Amada Senior Care was nothing short of spectacular! We received a referral to Amada from my Mother's Physician, however I knew absolutely nothing about what the process entailed or what if any outside resources might be available. From my first conversation with Kimberly, I knew this was the Company we needed to guide us through the process. She led us through EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Literally. From helping us contact my parents long term care insurance and handling all the logistics of that, plus connecting us with all the available outside resources that were able to help, to finding us a wonderful caregiver for my mother. Kimberly has been available at every turn in the road to both lend her support and advice to both myself and my family. She showed so much compassion, love and understanding to my parents who were both hesitant to begin receiving In Home Care Services. Kimberly was prepared and ready to handle all aspects of the process, so that I could concentrate on my mother. God Bless you, Kimberly. You are my angel! 😇

Renee, Thank you for the kind words! It is God working in and through our Amada team to serve families like yours. It is overwhelming how to help our parents as they age - especially if they have long term care insurance. We are so honored to be of support for your parents, and you, so that you can have peace of mind as a daughter. Let us know how we can continue to be a resource of support and education. 🙂

Caring and compassionate care givers

The caregivers have been very attentive with my father. The caregivers have come from a good place, the heart. The owners are very dedicated to providing the individualized support needed. The company is very professional, and quick to address any concerns and needs. I give four stars instead of five only because I believe everyone has room to become better and greater. I would highly recommend Amada Senior Care to anyone that asks me.

Thank you, Ivan! Our first Amada value is to show compassion and caring - - that is exactly what our caregivers do and who they are. We enjoy serving your dad, and your family. We also agree there is room for improvement with all people and businesses, and we look forward to constantly improve and serve others in the Southeast Valley. Thanks again!


Great integrity and the highest quality of care. Very caring and personal

Thank you, Kay! Our mission is to enrich lives of those around us with compassion, caring, gratefulness and love. Amada stands for "beloved" in Spanish - a care and concern for one's neighbor. We appreciate your referrals!

High quality care and personal touch

Although our family has only begun this journey a couple of weeks ago, I was impressed from day one and continue to be. Kimberly Perkins has provided us with so much personal attention that I could almost swear we are her only clients yet I know this is not true. The fact that she made a visit to the hospital to see my mom after engaging with her for only a couple of days prior was way beyond my expectations. Kimberly excels in both written and verbal communication and has provided us with documents, recommendations and shared her expert experiences which has helped us make informed decisions. The care givers she is providing us with have been wonderful and has met and exceeded my moms needs. I only wish I could say more but have just run out of postive adjectives to describe our experience. I highly recommend their service as I feel you will not be disappointed. Even though we have just started this episode in our lives, I feel as if we are in good hands. I cannot thank you enough Jim Rosenkrans (loving son of Emilie)

Thank you, Jim! Amada Senior Care has an amazing team from scheduler, to care manager to the caregivers who exhibit our values of compassion and charity. While I know the journey has only begun for your family, it is our privilege and blessing to walk side by side with your mom and family, and find the best care solution at this time.

by Michelle K. on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Great companionship!

We hired a companion through Amada to help my sister with organizing and cleaning her apartment and to help take care of her cat. Our experience has been great! The lady that helps with my sister is great with communicating any concerns and sharing positive stories with me. I would highly recommend Amada as they specifically look for caregivers who mesh with their clients.

Michelle it has been such a pleasure working with your sister and Coco the cat! We are blessed for the opportunity to enrich your sister's life, and your family's life. We appreciate your referrals!

professional & caring

Amada's owners Kimberly & Kim are wonderful to work with - they have my elderly Dad's care as a priority and provide excellent caregivers on a routine basis - they are always easy to reach if we have questions or concerns. I highly recommend Amada. Alyson Titcomb

It is wonderful working with your family, Alyson! Your dad has expressed his desire to stay at home, surrounded by the community and neighborhood he has lived for many years. At Amada Senior Care, we value that desire to stay at home, and are happy to work with your family and other community resources to enrich his life. All of our caregivers love working with your dad - - he and your family bless our Amada Family every day! Thank you!

We got very lucky!


Wading through options for my Great Aunt, we were given Kimberly's name. Still wading but beginning to feel head above water, I think of Kimberly and everything she and her staff have done, to be the absolute jewel if not lifeline that we needed! Her professionalism, knowledge, organizational and communication skills continue to impress. "Above and beyond" has been my experience. It's evident that she has respect in the caregiver arena. Her network is impressive and has been invaluable as we piece together services for my Aunt. She has yet to be stumped with the many crazy questions I've thrown at her. My great aunt continues to receive Amada care and Kimberly continues to amaze me. She has my absolute trust and respect throughout this entire process! Thank you Kimberly and Amada. Not sure where we'd be without you. And hope that everyone finds this jewel!

Thank you, Lisa, for the kind words. Our mission is to enrich lives. We are thankful for the opportunity to enrich your Great Aunt's life, but also the lives of family members like you. Our entire Amada Senior Care family enjoys caring for your wonderful Great Aunt!

by Carlene A. on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Wonderful Agency

Amada Senior Care is a special agency. Kimberly Perkins, the owner, will always go the extra mile for you. Everyone who works in this agency is really special. I take care of an 83 year old gentleman who just had quadruple bypass surgery. He needs to have home care for awhile so I contacted Amanda Senior Care on the advice of his rehabilitation center. I am so glad that I did. This agency will work with you on whatever services you need plus much more. They will advise you on what their caregivers can do. All of the caregivers are very well trained and are exceptional people. It has been such a relief for me to know that this long time friend of mine is being taken care of like he is family. If you have any needs for seniors, etc. please check out Amada Senior Care. They do so much more than just provide caregivers. They have a lot of services and advice for seniors. I highly recommend them.

Thank you, Carlene, for choosing Amada Senior Care. It has been a blessing to enrich your life as well as the gentleman we service. Our caregivers enjoy seeing him! We appreciate you letting others know how Amada Senior Care Mesa enriches lives by serving and caring for their loved ones.

by Dr. Erin B. on Amada Senior Care Reviews
High Quality Service

This is just a glowing recommendation for Amada Senior Services. They provided excellent care for my husband as he was recovering from surgery. The attention to detail, the kindness of the staff and the security of knowing he was well looked after was priceless. I will definitely be recommending Amada Senior services for my patients and their families.

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