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David Garrett is the operator of Amada Senior Care Naples, and he takes a personal interest in each client so that we can devise solutions for their unique needs and challenges. We serve clients from throughout southern Florida, including such communities as Pelican Bay, Pine Ridge, Naples Park, Palm River Estates, Vineyards, Bonita Shores, and beyond. At Amada Naples, we often view ourselves as senior care advisers rather than simply caregivers, because we go to any lengths necessary to help our clients solve problems to ensure the safety and enrichment of their beloved seniors. David says, “The name ‘Amada’ actually means ‘beloved,’ and we treat each client like they are our own beloved family members.”

In addition to providing the highest quality of in-home care for our senior clients, we also help their families care for them remotely through the latest technology. Many seniors and their families are concerned about the cost of senior care, especially the level of care for which Amada Naples is known, but we quickly evaluate clients’ resources and help them take advantage of non-traditional solutions to make sure the care they need is within reach.

At Amada Senior Care Naples, we realize that the most effective way for us to provide care that is not only effective but also meaningful is to foster strong bonds with our clients and their loved ones. Not only does this help us earn clients’ trust, but it also shows them that they truly are members of our beloved Amada family and deserve nothing but the highest quality of care and companionship. 

Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like:

If you or someone you love in Naples or southwest Florida requires assistance with activities of daily living like those depicted above, we invite you to contact us today for a Free Care Needs Consultation. At Amada Senior Care Naples, our goal is to create a comprehensive care plan to accommodate each client’s unique needs and lifestyle. Whether this is accomplished through in-home care, support with the transition to assisted living, or providing them with monitoring systems to allow them to live independently but safely at home, we are dedicated to easing and enriching clients’ lives in every way we can. Our License Number is 299994295. 



Long-Term Care Insurance Advising

Understand your Policy and Verify your Benefits
Many of our clients purchased their LTCi policies years ago and may no longer be familiar with the details of their plans and benefits. Our senior care experts help clients understand their policies and verify their benefits so that they can make the most of this valuable resource.
Assistance with Claims Processing and Paperwork
When you are navigating senior care, the last thing you want to worry about is filling out forms correctly. Let us help with claims submission and other paperwork so you can focus on much more important matters.
Personal Advocacy through Phone Calls to Insurance Provider
Each Amada Senior Care adviser has built a large network of contacts and personal relationships among insurance carriers and third-party administrators. We can call these representatives directly to advocate for our clients to make sure they receive the benefits and care they deserve.
Benefit Assignment and Payment Monitoring
Once a member of our LTCi Resource Center team ensures your claim is filed and processed, we work with you to put your benefits to effective use by coordinating and delivering high-quality care. Our goal is to simplify the senior care journey for our clients and their loved ones, and we can even directly bill their LTCi carriers upon request.


Our Commitment


At Amada Senior Care Naples, we are passionate enriching the lives of our clients as well as those of the people who love them. We realize that entering into a care environment has a deep and emotional effect on seniors as well as their loved ones, and strive to foster a nurturing experience that puts everyone at ease. From details as small as brewing the perfect cup of tea, to the greater challenge of helping families spread across the country remain updated and in-touch, everything we do is a step towards our goal of helping each member of the Amada Naples family thrive. 


“Each Amada Naples client is treated as a beloved member of our family.”



David Garret Owner


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Gratitude to Amada Reps David & Pam

I'm writing this review for my 93 year old friend and what we experienced during her transition of moving out of her home and going to an assistance living facility. It started out good, but turned into a nightmare. If it hadn't been for David and Pam intervening, I'm afraid to think what would have happened. With one email to both, they took action on the issues and got my friend the interview she needed and the proper forms to complete, which put her mind to rest. We're still in waiting on a final approval of the facility she chose, but have all confidence it will happen. If something should go wrong, I know that these two (2) qualified representatives of Amada will step in again. We are both so grateful for their help and guidance, their concern and ability to make things happen fast! I wish I could say or do more in their favor. Thank you David and Pam! You're the best!

by Barbara M. on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Kind and professional

My sister has been cared for by the Amada staff for over 2-1/2 years, and they continue to assist her as she transitions to a skilled nursing facility for memory care. As an Alzheimer's patient she has presented her share of challenges, but the care givers and administrators at Amada Senior Care have consistently been patient and caring with her. As with any long term care service, some care givers "matched" my sister's needs better than others. The administrators took the time to really get to know her and to pair her with care givers who suited her personality and specific needs. I live quite a distance from my sister, and I have learned that I can rely on the care givers to be there as expected. When I have had questions or concerns, the staff always has given generously of their time to address them thoroughly. This group of people has insight into the unique needs of Alzheimer's patients, and knowing they are responsible for my sister's care has given me tremendous peace of mind.

Caring for Alzheimer's clients is certainly a challenge which Amada gladly accepts with care and attention. Understanding and patiently addressing the evolving needs of our clients is our speciality. Also, helping remote family members stay in-touch is a key service aspect of Amada. We stand ready to assist seniors with Alzheimer's and other life challenges. Thank you!

Amada is not only highly professional, but also caring and reliable

Amada cared for my wife for almost two years. She had Alzheimer's and as her disease progressed, Amada was able to meet her changing needs, starting with home care during the day during which our wonderful care giver drove her to the Mall and to the beauty parlor in addition to taking her for walks,feeding her lunch, helping her bathe, dress and dealing with her incontinence. Her care giver was so sweet and loving that she became my wife's close friend and companion. When my wife moved to a memory care facility, I found that she needed extra care, and Amada adjusted their scheduling so that the same loving woman could care for her during the day and my wife could be with her good friend again, which was very reassuring to her. Ultimately, my wife needed extra care in the evenings and weekends, and once again Amada was able to provide another sweet and loving care giver for those additional hours. Amada has a registered nurse on staff, and she would visit my wife regularly to monitor her condition. While still at home, my wife had an emergency problem and when we called the nurse for advice, she came right out to our house and it was on a Sunday! When my wife passed away, her two care givers and the head of the Amada office even came to her funeral service. I cannot say enough about Amada other that I could not have gotten through the last two years without them! I would recommend them enthusiastically and without reservation.

Mr. E, it was our pleasure to serve your family. Best regards, Amada




Senior Housing Advisory Services


At Amada Senior Care Naples we go beyond providing superior in-home care to serve our clients as comprehensive senior care advisers. Thus, when our clients or their loved ones begin to consider whether transitioning to a residential care community may be a more appropriate option, we guide them through every step of the journey.

Southwest Florida is one of the most sought-after retirement destinations in the country, which means that there are many different care communities and senior living options available to Amada Naples clients. But the benefit of having such a wide array of options can quickly become a deterrent if seniors and their families begin to feel overwhelmed by the selection process. Fortunately, we have extensive experience and deep knowledge of each of the senior living communities in and around Naples, and we can help clients hone in on a select few placements best suited for their unique needs.

When investigating senior living options, the best place to start is with an honest assessment of a senior’s needs. An assisted living or retirement community may offer a more active and socially diverse lifestyle, but provides limited assistance with basic activities of daily living (ADLs). This may be perfect for a senior who is able to live relatively independently, while a nursing home that offers more complex medical services might be a better fit for seniors who require a higher level of support.

A senior’s care needs is only one of many factors we at Amada Naples take into account as we help them explore their residential options. It is also important that we consider such elements as location, lifestyle and activity preferences, and even a senior’s personality so that we can refer them to the right place for them to thrive. Our long-term working relationships with the most popular communities in southwest Florida gives us unique insight into each of their cultures, which allows us to personalize the placement process for our clients.

One of the most common concerns we address when our clients consider moving to an assisted living environment is cost.  This is another area where our experience proves to be an invaluable resource, as we help our clients investigate long-term care insurance, life insurance, veterans’ benefits, and other non-traditional means of financing senior care. We know how to make the most of each client’s assets to ensure that they have access to the care and comfort they deserve.

If you or your loved one is thinking about transitioning to a care community, please rely on the team at Amada Senior Care Naples to guide you. We specialize in referrals for the following types of facilities:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Large and small communities
  • Independent living communities
  • Board and care homes
  • Adult family homes
  • Senior care homes
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Alzheimer/dementia communities

Click here for a Free Care Needs Consultation, or call


Remote Home Care Technology


Since southwest Florida is a location to which people often relocate after retirement, this means that many of the seniors we work with at Amada Naples have family members and loved ones in other areas of the country. When it is necessary to travel to reach seniors who may need assistance or medical care, it is common for families to prefer that their aging loved ones seek in-home care or move to an assisted living community where they can be confident in their safety. But what if the senior you love is determined to live independently at home?

Amada has developed the ideal solution for families in this predicament: our state-of-the-art BeClose home monitoring system. BeClose consists of a wide range of products and devices that make it safer for seniors to stay at home and allow their loved ones to care for them remotely. Each family is able to customize their BeClose system to suit their specific needs without paying for unnecessary extras, choosing from popular options like automatic door locks, security cameras, medication monitors, and fall and intruder alerts. Through the latest technology, these devices provide family members with real-time updates in through a secure mobile app. BeClose also helps alert families to changes in behavior or routine that could help them anticipate the need for more care before a senior’s health or safety is seriously compromised.

When those we love need us, we want to be close. Amada Senior Care makes that possible. If you are interested in a BeClose with Amada system for yourself or someone you love, click here for a Free Care Needs Consultation regarding our BeClose system.



Another way we have led the industry is through our development of the Transparent online portal system. With Transparent, family members enter a secure personal ID and password to log on at any time, and are able to see what duties our staff has performed, how a senior’s day went, and stay updated about their loved one’s care.

Programs to Assist Veterans


If you or a senior in your life served in our country’s military, it is essential that you know about all of the types of government assistance that are available to help defray the costs of care. Our team at Amada Senior Care in Naples has worked with veterans and their surviving spouses for years, and we can help our clients take full advantage of veterans’ benefits such as the VA Aid and Attendance program. Click here for a Free Veteran’s Care Needs Consultation.

VA Aid and Attendance Eligibility:

1. Military Service
  • To be eligible for Aid and Attendance, a veteran must have served at least one day of active duty during a period of war and a total of 90 days’ active duty. Surviving spouses of qualified veterans are also eligible.
  • Individuals with dishonorable discharge are not eligible.
2. Personal Care Needs
  • To claim Aid and Attendance benefits, applicants must require assistance from another person with ADLs.
  • This may include support required due to cognitive impairment, walking, hygiene, eating, and more.
3. Income
  • The majority of an applicant’s income must be spent on care.
  • Benefits awarded, up to a national maximum, based on the percentage of income spent on care.
4. Assets
  • The VA determines a limit for each applicant’s assets.
  • Financial need and age are key factors in the determination of an acceptable threshold of assets.
What This Benefit Can do for You:

VA Aid and Attendance benefits are specifically meant to provide financial assistance to wartime veterans and their surviving spouses who require personal care. These benefits are:

  • Tax free
  • Paid monthly directly to the claimant by the U.S. Treasury
  • Not subject to repayment as long as claimant remains eligible.

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