Amazing team

Jay and Crystal have been amazing throughout the process of moving my mother to independent living. Trust me you will not be disappointed by Amada and their expertise/professionalism. Use them!

by Patti Jo Knight on Amada Senior Care Reviews

My 93 old mother was in the hospital for 10 days with flu, which became pneumonia...and then she had a stroke. When she was transported by ambulance back to her assisted living facility she was like dead weight; ZERO strength. She wouldn't eat or drink in the hospital, so she lost weight and had to have an IV for hydration. My brother hired Amada to be with her daily for the first week or two, to make sure she would be well-cared for and safe for at the facility (where the aides there can only be with her intermittently.) Today is the first day of Amada's assistance - the first full day of Mom being out of the hospital - and the aide has Mom up, walking to the bathroom, dressed and having toast & coffee. In my mind it's a miracle! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Amada! Mom's aide, Brenda, is an angel!!

by Elizabeth Fletcher on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Excellent team of Caregivers

I knew right away during my first meeting with Jay Mann that Amada Senior Care would be the best fit for our home health care. Jay never made me feel rushed as he explained the programs and services they offered. He answered all of my questions and concerns with understanding, knowledge and compassion. It is impossible to describe the impact that Jay and his team of caregivers made on both me and my husband. They truly understand the importance of the job that care providers do and we couldn't have wished for a better team. I would like to mention the four caregivers that took such wonderful care of my husband, Jesse, Annette, Zhane and Tonya, and at the same time helped me by going over daily care plans, tips that I could use when I was alone, and always being so dependable and supportive. I noticed how these caregivers took their time to explain to my husband what they were going to do and that was important to both of us - they truly have the heart as well as skills for this difficult job.

THE BEST caregiver EVER!

Not all caregivers are good, as we learned through various agencies. However, Amada sent us JULIA J. who was the most attentive, loving "angel" we could ever have hoped for. Working with Amada to fine-tune our changing needs was a pleasure. They were immediately responsive to whatever we needed, even at short notice. There were never any "billing surprises" and we were immediately notified if upcoming hours would fall into extra charges for holidays (Memorial Day, Mother's Day). This is a far more professional company than many others in our area, and Jay Mann is easy to work with and always attentive to his clients. I also appreciated Jay's initial intake interview in my mother's home prior to services. It offered us all an opportunity to find the right fit for care. This is a very professional company and highly recommended.

Experience was good. The Amada person was on time and there to help as needed. My family member is very independent, so they had already gotten up and ready for the day. Says the Amada person always says "Hi" and greets family member with a smile! Thank you, Amada, for being there to help.

by Kara Foster-Weiss on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Kara Foster-Weiss

I can't say enough about the experience we had with Amada. The interview at the beginning included my mother in law which was so helpful in finding the right fit for her care. Julia was excellent and went above and beyond what was expected of her. The team was responsive to our needs. As a physician this company far surpasses others in the area. Would recommend them to my patients and their families without hesitation.

by Melanie G. on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Professional , Knowledgeable , Courteous , Compassionate , Supportive

I would highly recommend Amanda to others seeking assistance . As stated in my review title , I feel this accurately describes my experience . When I had concerns or questions they were promptly addressed . I was pleased that there was, overall , consistency in staffing . This made things much easier for me not having to explain things again , but more importantly , it made her more comfortable seeing a familiar face . Jay , thank you for your commitment as we walked through this difficult journey . For picking the staff that would meet our needs . I am truly blessed and grateful to each of them .

Friendly Helpful

Very helpful and friendly people. They were always giving advice and be answering questions during this difficult time. I know they tried to help my Mother the best they could during this difficult time.

Exceeded expectations

My mom has progressing dementia and we were going through a very difficult transition to assisted living - memory care. Amada management met with me, was extremely patient and offered valuable guidance and reassurance. They cared about my mom's situation and background and also about our family. Amada worked with my schedule needs and frequent adjustments, management actually stayed with the nitial caregiver and my mom for a good interval on the first day, to insure a good understanding of mom's circumstance and needs. The caregivers were experienced and often comforted and advised me (as they were experienced with dementia clients) as I dealt with the challenges and emotions helping mom through the transition period - which often caused her to be agitated and resist assistance which she needed. I was able to have peace of mind, knowing she was safe and well cared for, so that I could manage other aspects of my own family and personal life and have some time to visit my own children and care for myself. Amada management frequently checked in and was receptive to feedback and making adjustments. They truly cared and even after we no longer needed the AMADA full time care, continued to check in and even visit Mom. I was impressed with the experience and dedication and will definitely utilize AMADA in the future. Although mom is now settling into an AL facility, I know there will be times when I will need the extra help for hospital stays, when I am out of town, or whenever Mom may need extra attention and care.

Reliable and trustworthy.

My experience with Amada was a good one even after my mother no longer needed their care, they were still willing to assist with advice. I would recommend them highly.

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