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As the owners of Amada Senior Care Vancouver, Chris & Kimberlee Crosby  have made a commitment to providing senior care that is of the highest quality so that each of our clients’ lives are safer, easier, and much more pleasant. According to Kimberlee, “Many of our clients have become accustomed to struggling with daily activities and monotony so gradually that our impact on their lives is both immediate and profound. Each member of the Amada Vancouver team takes personal satisfaction in enriching the lives of our clients and their families in every way possible.” We are pleased to be the premier senior care providers to not only Vancouver, but also Salmon Creek, Camas, Ridgefield, Brush Prairie, Walnut Creek, Felida and surrounding communities.

At Amada Senior Care Vancouver, we understand that services our home-care aides provide for our clients, such as cooking and housekeeping, are both necessary and appreciated. However, we know that it’s the small personal touches, like a quick squeeze of the hand or making the perfect snack for a client to enjoy while watching their favorite show, that show our clients how much we value them.

It is important to us that we get to know each client on a personal level so that we can serve and care for them in the most meaningful ways. In addition to in-home care, we also guide clients who wish to transition to an assisted living community and help clients and their families make sense of the financial aspects of senior care. We do whatever we can to positively affect our clients, and we believe this is what makes Amada Senior Care Vancouver so special.


Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like:




Could you or your loved one benefit from assistance with activities of daily living like those depicted above? If so, we would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about the compassionate care we at Amada Vancouver have built our reputation on. We invite you to contact us today for a Free Care Needs Consultation with an experienced member of our team.


Long-Term Care Insurance Advising and Support

Policy Review and Benefit Verification
By working with the experts at the Amada LTCi Resource Center, our clients can fully understand their policies and benefits and use them to their best advantage.
Help with Claims and Paperwork
When you are trying to secure senior care, the last thing you need to worry about is paperwork. Let us help you review and file claims so that you can focus on what really matters.
Advocacy Phone Calls to our Provider Contacts
At Amada, we are happy to use our extensive network of contacts among LTCi carriers and third-party administrators to help our clients. We can call them directly and advocate for you so that you get the care you deserve.
Benefit Assignment and Payment Monitoring
Once we make sure you receive all of your benefits, we will help you create a customized care plan to use them most effectively. We are also one of a very few agencies that are able to bill carriers directly upon clients’ request, which can make their lives that much easier.


Our Commitment


At Amada Senior Care Vancouver, we are committed to enriching the lives of our clients and their families in every way possible. We do this by forming trusting relationships with each person we care for so that we can create a nurturing environment that meets their every need and exceeds their expectations. We truly value our clients—and it shows every day. 

“Our commitment to providing superior care and companionship is at the core of Amada Senior Care Vancouver.”



Chris & Kim Crosby, Owners


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Senior Housing Advising


The decision to transition to an assisted living community is fraught with emotions for both seniors and the families that love them. As a result of our years of experience working with seniors in the Vancouver area, our staff is uniquely well-qualified to guide you and your family through this process.

At Amada Senior Care Vancouver, we understand that moving to a senior community is often a drastic and intimidating change for our clients. Not only must they cope with new limitations, but also with a potential decrease in independence, a new home, and an entirely new social environment. Another worry our clients often express is that they won’t be able to afford the community of their choice or the care they need.

Our goal is to ease these worries and the apprehensions of our clients’ loved ones. To do this, we first evaluate key factors unique to each senior, such as the level of care he or she needs, his or her lifestyle, location preferences, and budgets. We then rely on our extensive knowledge of local care communities to help them find the place where they will feel most safe, happy, and vibrant—and where their loved ones feel most confident in their care. We also help our clients make the most effective use of long-term care insurance policies, veterans’ benefits, and other resources to help clients find the best way to pay for the community of their choice.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of residential opportunities for seniors in the Vancouver area. If a client requires assistance with medications or complex medical services, we can direct them to a nursing home where they will get the support they need. For seniors who are able to live a bit more independently, an assisted living community may be more appropriate.

Amada has relationships with the best senior care and assisted living communities in the Vancouver area, including:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Large and small communities
  • Independent living communities
  • Board and care homes
  • Adult family homes
  • Senior care homes
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Alzheimer/dementia communities

Click here for a Free Care Needs Consultation, or call


“BeClose” to your Loved One through Technology


Many of our clients wish to preserve their independence but have family members scattered across the country who are concerned about their ability to live safely at home. It can be difficult to compromise when all parties have such strong convictions, but we are able to provide the perfect solution with BeClose.

BeClose by Amada makes use of the latest technology to create customized home monitoring systems for our clients. Clients are able to choose from a range of products, like fall and intruder alerts, medication monitors, automated thermostats,lights and door locks, security cameras, and more. Each device is designed for discrete appearance and ease-of-use, and the whole system issues real-time reports to family members through a secure mobile app. With BeClose, we are also to help families make note of changes to a senior’s routine that may signal the need for additional support.

Essentially, BeClose allows families to keep a “virtual eye” on their aging loved ones from anywhere in the world. If you are interested in a BeClose with Amada system for yourself or someone you love, click here for a Free Care Needs Consultation regarding our BeClose system.



Amada is also the designer of the Transparent online portal, which is widely believed to be an industry first. Transparent allows caregivers and families to remain in constant communication in an easy to use and secure way.

Veterans Assistance Programs


Many of our clients at Amada Senior Care Vancouver are wartime veterans or spouses of wartime veterans, so we make it a priority to know about every benefit available to them through the VA. One key program of which many of our clients are unaware is the VA Aid and Attendance program, which provides benefits to help veterans cover the cost of care and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). To learn more about government benefits for veterans’ senior care, Click here for a Free Veteran’s Care Needs Consultation.

Eligibility for VA Aid and Attendance:

1. Military Service
  • To qualify for these benefits, a veteran must have served a minimum of 90 days’ active duty, with at least one day during wartime.
  • Claimants must not have been dishonorably discharged.
2. Personal Care Requirements
  • Qualified applicants currently require assistance with ADLs, such as eating, bathing, dressing, walking, and cognitive impairment.
3. Income
  • The majority of applicant’s income must be spent on care.
  • The VA uses the percentage of income spent on care to determine benefits, up to a maximum.
4. Assets
  • The VA establishes a maximum of assets for qualified applicants.
  • Financial need and applicant age are key factors in this determination.
What This Benefit Can do for You:

For many of our clients, VA Aid and Attendance allows them to afford more care or live in the community of their choice. These benefits are:

  • Tax-exempt.
  • Paid directly to the claimant by the United States Treasury.
  • Not subject to repayment as long as claimant is eligible.



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