Caregiver Jobs in Annapolis


At Amada Senior Care Annapolis, we are currently hiring for the following caregiver jobs. If you think you would be a great addition to our team, please click on the orange button above or on the link below to submit an application.

Amada Annapolis seeks individuals who have the proper experience and credentials to work as home-care aides and personal attendants to our clients. Learn more about our caregiver jobs in Annapolis below.



What’s so Special about Working for Amada Senior Care Annapolis?


Career Growth is Encouraged

  • Our caregivers are passionate about what they do, and this means that most wish to move up in their careers. We encourage career growth by offering mentoring programs, free continuing education courses, and other opportunities to grow with Amada.

Competitive Wages

  • Amada Annapolis has always been committed to providing industry-competitive pay. Caregiver wages are based on specific care tasks, performance, experience, and seniority.

Tuition-Free Continuing Education 

Amada offers free continuing education courses such as:

  • Training for state certifications
  • CEUs for Certified Nurse Assistants and Registered Nurses 
  • Training on client-specific conditions, both online and in-office
  • Basic skills and equipment instruction through the Amada Training Center

Flexible Schedules

  • We understand that many of our caregivers require non-traditional schedules due to other commitments and responsibilities. Whether you want to work full- or part-time, days, nights, or weekends, we’ll find the schedule that works for you!

Caregiver Appreciation, Bonuses, and Rewards

  • It’s important to us that our caregivers are constantly reminded how much we appreciate the work they do. We hold frequent caregiver appreciation events, award bonuses to the “Caregiver of the Month” and “Caregiver of the Year,” and also provide such incentives as gas cards, grocery cards, and movie tickets.

Amada has a National Presence

  •  If a member of our team wishes to relocate, there’s a good chance they can continue to grow with Amada. We have more than 80 offices across 30 states!

Great Coworkers

  •  Caring for seniors can sometimes be emotionally draining, but our caregivers know they can always count on other Amada teammates for encouragement. We are careful only to hire people who are professional, committed, and compassionate.

Technology to Make Your Job Easier

  • When we realized that many caregivers were frustrated by the amount of time and effort administrative tasks like care documentation took, we made a big change! With our custom Caregiver Portal, tasks like care journaling, ADL tracking, and even checking your schedule are a breeze.


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