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I would recommend Amada Senior Care with high praise. They are easy to work with and very caring. Anytime there is a concern, they address the matter quickly. When you have a loved one that is dealing with dementia, communication between the caregivers and the family is paramount. Communication has been fantastic. The caregivers have all been very pleasant and take an interest in the client. They are always willing to help. It has been true blessing to have found Amada Senior Care.

by Joan White on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Highest quality of services by Amada Owner and Caregivers

When our parents were due to leave the Rehabilitation Center,we met with the Owner of Amada to discuss our options in terms of care provided, family dynamics, moods, behaviors, expectations. Our meeting was very constructive and we were advised the services that were provided. Mr. Homa, Owner of Amada, met with our parents while they were still living at the rehab center to get a sense of our parent's conditions and to introduce himself, and to explain the services provided by Amada caregivers. During this meeting, Mr. Homa was able to ascertain and realize our parent's resistance to any caregivers in their home. One the first visit to our parent's home, Mr. Homa met with the caregiver that the service would be providing. A nurse was also present to review our parent's medical history, medication and dosages, and to provide an initial examination. He discussed what we expected of his service with us as far as our parent's needs in meal preparation, dressing, and toileting. He and the intended caregiver inspected the home to evaluate how best his caregivers could provide safe care. Once Mr. Homa and the nurse left the caregiver took over our parent's care. Quite often myself or one of the siblings were present to see what we could do to assist the caregiver while caring for them. A book was left at the home so the caregiver would be able to make any notations as to current activity, and so they could easily review what duties they would need to perform during the course of the day. The family requested services from from 10:00am until 6:00 pm eacd day. Before they left the premises, they provided our parent's meals and insured that the medications were dispensed. On occasion a new caregiver would be substituted to stay with our parents. Each time, Mr. Homa was present introduce a new caregiver to our parents and to explain what was expected of them and what services they would need to provide. Initially our caregivers met with resistance from our parents who felt they were perfectly capable of caring for them selves. Nonetheless, the caregiver was always pleasant, patient and treated our parents with respect and sensitivity. Amada caregivers were able to roll with any deviations in daily schedules and situations. Quite often other family members visited in the home and the caregivers discreetly left the family alone to their visits without being intrusive. They always remained in calling distance in the event their services were needed or should any emergency arise. Several times during the week medicare provided a nurse to evaluate our parent's health and to review any changes in medications. The caregiver was always present to ask questions, to provide answers and to see what was being done during that visit so they would be able to make any necessary changes to our parent's care. During the several months Amada caregivers were present in the home, they were patiently tolerant of any opposition our parents presented. Our main caregiver would bring flowers, get special coffee for my father, prepare meals from the fruit and vegetables that were growing in the caregiver's own garden, would make fruit and vegetable shakes from the blender she would bring to the house, and pick up necessary groceries she would need to prepare their meals. My mother was very particular as to how her house was run. Our caregiver learned her various eccentricities and went our of her way to accommodate my mother's expectations. The caregiver would accompany us when we took our parent's for their frequent doctor appointments. She would wait patiently out of earshot during these visits so as not to infringe on their privacy. Mr. Amada was always willing to listen to our concerns, to make suggestions and to ease any apprehensions we had regarding our parent's behavior. He always made the time to promptly return our calls, to listen to our recommendations and to alleviate our anxieties. He never failed to return a call to us within a few hours. As the months progressed, our parents became more tolerant and accepting of the caregiver's role in their lives. Instead of trying to prove they were able to take care of themselves, they finally allowed the caregiver to assist them with toileting, bathing, dressing and home maintenance. If an unknown rash was observed the caregiver would research the particular cause of the rash and would provide the appropriate dressings and ointments. She discussed the the appropriate treatment with a nurse prior to taking any steps in the care of any unusual medical concerns or administering recommended medicatons Time passed and our parent's health deteriorated. With each change in their conditions the caregiver was always able to adapt to the situation and to assist in any way possible. After five months of of watching their health worsen, not once did the caregiverfail to be by their side and to dispense love, sensitivity and comfort.

Marie Milde

Dan, I am sorry it has taken me awhile to say thank you for helping make my father's last six months of life be as good as could be expected. As you know, my mother was very reluctant to have a caregiver come into their apartment. But after years of taking care of Dad through the terrible stages of Alzheimer, she knew she needed help giving him a shower, taking him for a walk and dealing with the incontinence. She knew things had gotten to the point where caring for Dad was putting her in danger of falling and wearing her our physically and mentally. All your caregivers were capable, friendly and uderstanding during the Hospice. My mother enjoyed getting to know them and their different personalities. My siblings and I were greatly relieved for her to have help navigating the trips to doctor's appointments and the grocery store. Your caregivers gave us peace of mind and gave us more time to spend with our own children and jobs. Finally, I knew Amada caregivers were a perfect match for my parents, when she added more shifts, because she enjoyed being able to go out on her own, knowing my father was well taken care of. Don't know what the future holds for my mother, but I hope she can stay in her home and if she needs assistance, I will be sure to call you.