by Deborah Pollock on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada was a Huge Relief

My father wanted to go home from the hospital, not back to the nursing home. He had, by then, some very challenging medical needs. I was terrified at the idea but we did take him home, under hospice care, and with 24/7 care from Amada. Sadly, he only lived another week but during that time the caregivers who were wtih him the most were fabulous. Jody was patient and calming when he was anxious. Deborah knew ALL about PEG tube feeding using gravity drip and taught all of us so much - for times when she was not there. At the end, I can't imagine having had to manage Dad's last hours on Earth without the assistance of Belinda, who was the most amazing and caring Godsend in that situation, when all else was cratering. During those few days Dad was happy, I was relieved and knew we had done The Right Thing. I only wish we could have brought him home sooner. Everyone worked hand-in-glove with the hospice staff and the experience was "just what the doctor ordered". Thank you, Amada (a) for listening so closely to our needs and (b) for matching us with such perfect caregivers.

by Deborah Pollock on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada was a Huge Relief

My father wanted to come home, with several challenging medical requirements, and I was, frankly, terrified at the idea but we did arrange for him to be home, under hospice care, and with 24/7 care from highly recommended Amada Senior Care. Dad only lived a week after returning home but the ladies who spent the most time with him were fabulous. Jody was patient and calming when he was anxious. Deborah knew ALL about PEG tube gravity drip feedings and taught the rest of us SO much - for when she was not there - and I am certain I could not have managed Dad's last hours on Earth without Belinda. She was an absolute Godsend, not just then but every night she spent with us. Everyone from Amada worked hand-in-glove with the hospice staff and it was with great relief that I realized we had done The Right Thing, bringing Dad home. I'm sorry we weren't able to do it sooner. Thank you, Amada, (a) for so thoroughly understanding our needs and (b) for matching us with such amazing caregivers. "Just what the doctor ordered."

Thank you Amada!

My mom started having multiple falls and it was difficult for me to coordinate care for her since I live out of state. The rehab recommended Amada and when I called the office Tanya was so patient and explained how they could help. Tanya assisted us in using my mom's long-term care insurance to pay for the care. Amada does all the dealings with the insurance company which is such a relief to me. My mom now says her caregiver, Anita, is like family. Anita is an angel. She helps my mom with showers to make sure she doesn't fall again. She also takes my mom to doctor appointments and keeps me updated on her care needs. Everytime I call the office the staff is very helpful, even when I need Anita to visit my mom unexpectedly. Thanks for helping me keep my sanity.

by Kimberly Barker on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada Came Just In Time

On June 5, 2017 our Mom was diagnosed with ALS. My family knew tough times would be ahead of us. Unfortunately, our Mom’s disease progressed rapidly and she needed 24/7 round the clock care. We all pulled together and were able to care for her for part of the the day, but for 12 hours out of the day we needed extra help. We tried two other companies, both we're less than satisfactory and not providing the proper care. Often, their caregivers would come to the house with inadequate knowledge of how to care for our Mom. We were the target of a lot of broken promises and suffered financial loss and frustration because of it.

We were then referred to Amada Senior Care from our hospice provider Hospice Compassus and everything changed. Patrick, the owner, took it upon himself to ensure that our Mom received the very best care they could provide with their nursing aides. The nursing aides were hand-selected for her and never were we disappointed who cared for my Mom.

On December 17, 2018 our mother passed away, but beside us stood our nursing aides from Amada that showed our mother so much love over the few months they knew her. I'm a Director of Emergency Services at St David’s North Austin Medical Center and recommend Amada to all of our patients who need home care.

Kimberly Barker
Director of Emergency Services
St. David’s North Austin Medical Center

by Candace Wenham on Amada Senior Care Reviews

I Will Always Recommend Patrick

Amada Senior Care is a awesome company. I am the owner of AdvocATX and a private Patient Advocate.  We needed specialized in-home care for one of our patient’s and their family in a very short period of time and Amada came through.  The owner, Patrick, and his Director Of Senior Care, Tanya, were immediately there to help! They stepped up for an amazing in-home care experience for my client that is top-teir.

I highly recommend Patrick and his team for in-home care through their talented staff of professional Certified Nursing Aides.  They are available 24/7 around the clock, are priced well, and provide top-quality care. I will be definitely using Amada for my clients in the future, due to their outstanding service and quality. Thank you, Patrick!

by Rhonda Warren on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada is Wonderful

My Mother’s first meeting with Amada was with Patrick and his cute puppy in training, Ulysses. They are training him to be a therapy dog.  What a great company who can bring their sweet dog for a home visit! It made our initial meeting a great experience. When we signed on with Amada, there were a few hiccups with scheduling, but Morgan quickly resolved the issue. A couple of the caregivers were less than stellar and when I provided feedback, Tonya was greatly appreciative and all the issues were resolved quickly.  My Mom has gotten better now and we are not currently using their services, but will most certainly call them when my Mom needs help again. Patrick is amazing and so happy to have met him.

by Mary Ellen Casey on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amy was the perfect fit for my mom

I highly recommend Amada! My mom has Alzheimer’s and we really needed the help for her. The caregiver from Amada was a perfect fit for my mom. Amy came to the house Monday through Friday which allowed me to get the things I needed to get done for the day. This entire experience with Amada has reduced so much stress in my family’s life.

I was very impressed that both Patrick and Tanya are both Certified Dementia Practitioners, CDP and also Certifed Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Trainers, CADDCT. Their caregiver Amy had this advanced dementia training to help my mom. Having Amada help us has been a huge relief for all of us. I recommend them for anyone dealing with a parent with Alzheimer’s.

by Jared Miles on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada Is Worth Every Penny

The help and information Patrick has given Arlene and I about providing care for us and how to file a long term care insurance claim was worth more than we ever expected. A value greater than money. Before I met with Patrick I personally called our long term insurance agent at Met Life to tell him I was going to cancel my long term care insurance policy because our premium on our policies were going to double. We could not afford the increase in premiums. I then was referred to Patrick at Amada Senior Care. Patrick has followed through and done everything he said he would do and beyond. Patrick and Tanya did an awesome job helping us with our claim on our long term care insurance policy. Our claim was approved and we no longer have to pay our premium. This has helped out a ton.

Your company Amada and all of your employees have added great value to Arlene’s care situation. Your nursing aides have helped us with shopping, escorting Arlene to Silver Sneakers, and yoga at the recreation center. Arlene’s yoga instructor commented that she was happy to see Arlene got someone to help her get back in class. I feel like she is getting a great deal from Amada’s Aide, Pat. Pat takes Arlene through her exercises daily. My wife had a stroke and she has some balance issues. I feel the excercises Amada is taking her through is really making a big difference with her balance. Pat also helps her with bathing and transferring.

The reason we reached out to Amada is because they are experts in processing long term care insurance claims and my wife had several falls. We are very lucky she was not hurt really bad. We now feel because of Amada we can stay in our home for a long time rather than going to an assisted living home. We are very grateful to Amada. Thank you for your help!

by Jimmy Boggs on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Our Residents Love Amada

Amada Senior Care is the best company in the Greater Austin Area for providing care for seniors. They been providing care for our residents for several years. The Certified Nursing Aides they provide us are very well trained, knowledgeable, and compassionate in the care they provide. The owner of Amada, Patrick Murphy and his team are 100% dedicated to enriching the lives of their clients and caregivers. He is always going out of his way to make sure everybody is taken care of!

Amada’s core values are something I live by in my work life and home. The love all of their employees put into the company really shows when they show up to help a resident.

They are truly experts in processing your Long Term Care insurance claims for you! Amada Senior Care should be your first call when a loved one or you needs care. I recommend all of the professionals at Amada Senior Care to anyone and everyone in need of care!

Jimmy Boggs
Community Relations Director

Elan Southpark Meadows
Assisted Living & Memory Care

They'll take care of you!

Patrick and Tanya know a ton about long term care insurance and providing care for helping your parents. If you are trying to file a claim on your long term care insurance policy just give it to Patrick and Tanya to file. They will file the claim for you and more importantly they will get the claim approved very fast. Other providers say they file the claim but they cannot get it done the way Amada can.

Amada does an excellent job vetting their Nursing Aides and staff. They also do an impressive job with matching up the Nursing Aides with their clients. Getting a caregiver who knows what they are doing is so important for your parents.

If you’re looking for the best care in Austin for your parents Amada is the company for your loved one. They will take care of you.

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