We Are Lucky To Have Amada

Amada and their team are awesome. I'm the business office manager at The Claimont which is an independent living home for seniors. Amada takes care of many of our residents and do a wonderful job. They help many our residents with bathing, dressing, transfering, and much more.

Essentially they help our seniors with all of their activities of daily living. Amada is always there to do anything we ask. We are so lucky! They also assist many of our residents who have dementia and other cognative issues.

Chrintina, Karen and the rest of Amada's management team do an amazing job responding to any issue we have. Thank you Amada for all you do.

Dian Self
Business Office Manager
The Clairmont Retirement Community

by Elena Arizmendez, MD on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Awesome care from Christi Antilly and her Amanda Senior Care Team

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Christi Antilly and the Amanda Senior Care team. Thank you for taking exceptional care of my patients and for making sure they have the best care available. I know my patients are in good hands when I refer them to your team. THANK YOU!!!!

by Michele Donnels on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Beth Is Awesome

My family has been working with Amada for the past 5 months. My mother has a disease called Amyloidosis. It’s a rare form of cancer. She has been battling this disease for the past 2 years. The disease makes her very tired and steals her energy throughout the day. It's been difficult to watch mom go through this horrible disease.

Amada Senior Care was referred to us by Encompass Home Health to help my parents. My parents live in Georgetown where they have a strong support group. Patrick and Christi from Amada came to my parents house to tell us about their home care services for seniors. My parents and I were very impressed with what they offered. We interviewed other home care companies and decided to go with Amada. It was a easy decision for us. We were very impressed with how Amada vets their employees. All caregivers go through extensive background checks and their caregiver training program was also very impressive.

We love the caregiver Amada selected for us. Beth is the perfect fit for mom. They matched up Beth perfectly with my mother. She comes over daily to be with my mom. She cleans the house, drives mom to doctors appointments, and is there for my mom for companionship when my dad is not home. Beth has done a really good job of taking the stress out of my dad's life. Beth gives my mother the support she needs while allowing my dad to love on her. She has become a memeber of our family.

My parents want to remain as independent for as long as possible and will never live in a assisted living home. Amada has helped tremendously with keeping my mom independent. My parents are doing so well since we hired them. I recommend them to anyone looking for help. You will be very happy you did.

by Lauren Davis on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada Senior Care has done an fantastic job with my mother. It is very difficult taking care of a parent when they need a lot help with doing the daily tasks we all take for granted.

The case manager that was helping my mom from St David’s referred us Amada and I’m glad they did. My mom lives in Cedar Park and Patrick from Amada came out the house to see my mother and explained how his caregivers could help my mom with bathing, transportation, and transferring.

My mother had hip replacement surgery. She fell several times in the last six months so to help protect her from falling and help rehab her we called Amada. The caregivers have been coming everyday and are doing a fantastic job with her. We did speak with other companies but thought Amada was the best way to go. They just seemed head and shoulders above the rest. They are very organized and always there when you call. We made the right choice and I highly recommend Patrick and Amada to anyone struggling with their parents. They are a God send!

by Michael Barbara on Amada Senior Care Reviews
My Mom Loved Amada

My mother of 87 years of age received services from Amada Senior Care and they were far above all the rest of the home care companies. Believe me when I tell you this because we tried others who could not compare to Amada. My mom became a new resident of a independent living in north Austin and was physically very active but had lost social interest. I know now that home healthcare and in home care services for seniors or someone who is going through rehabilitation is the best kept secret in the United States. If you don't have a great service to begin with, properly vetted caregivers, caring, and punctual staff you will find yourself managing your provider more than you ever expected or wanted.

Amada’s skilled nurses provided friendly care and were very valuable to us, they included the much needed tact of THOUGHTFUL CONVERSATION which was important to my mother and filled that need. I’m so grateful to the entire Amada staff because as a caregiver myself for my mother for over 2 years, they relieved stress and time for us both. I recommend Amada Senior Care for in home care to anyone who needs help with an elder.

Through this entire process of Amada assisting my mom with the activities of daily living I was able to become friends with the owner, Patrick Murphy and the CFO Tonya who are in this business because they truly care about all of their cliebts. My mother and I were clients of Amada and the experience with them was exceptional. Amada’s staff genuinely helped and it was very much appreciated.

by Lisa Meechum on Amada Senior Care Reviews
We Are So Blessed To Have Our Personal Attendants From Amada

Carmen and Pat from Amada are the two caregivers for my elderly parents. My dad has multiple health issues, including dementia. Pat or Carmen are with him 8 hours per day 7 days a week. Carmen and Pat are compassionate, kind, and they are both on top of everything he needs. They take they initiative to do everything they can to help my dad without being told what to do. They also help my mom who also has multiple health issues as well. I cannot express what a blessing this is! If something needs to be done, they just do it without being asked with smiles on their faces.

I especially want to thank Pat for her efforts a few months ago. My mom had fallen and broken her hip and was recovering in a rehabilitation facility, so my dad was alone at their apartment at their independent living community. The rest of my family and I were very concerned about my father being alone. One day Pat showed up early for her shift at my parents place and my dad did not answer the door, she immediately called the front desk at their independent living community. The manager came and unlocked the door, and they found my dad almost unconscious in bed.

In a former life, Pat was an emergency medical technician. Because of her training she recognized how serious the situation was. Pat immediately called me, and we both agreed he should go to the hospital and then Pat called for an ambulance. My dad was then taken to the emergency room. I then went back to my mom and dad’s place a couple of hours later to get some personal items for my dad to take to the hospital. I started to wonder if Pat would still be there as she only had 15 minutes remaining until the end of her shift. I walked in my parents apartment and there she was. Pat was there putting clean sheets on my dad’s bed (my dad is incontinent and the bed was a horrible mess). Pat had washed all of the sheets, cleaned up the mess (truly going above and beyond the call of duty!) and had my mom and dad’s bedroom was totally spotless, all with a big smile on her face. I was truly thankful for this Angel. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Pat for how she helped that day. I know if Carmen had been there instead of Pat, she would have done the same things Pat had done.

We are so grateful to Amada for sending us Pat and Carmen to help my parents. -- My Family jokes around a lot that we had the best luck to snag two of Amada’s best Personal Attendants for my parents. Thank You Amada!

by Ann Maloley on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Working with the Amada Austin team has been wonderful! They work tirelessly to deliver superb care to their clients. Thank you for all you do to support seniors!  Ann Maloley | Be Well MD

by Nancy Hensen on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Our Caregivers Became Part Of Our Family

My husband and I have been married for many years and I am his sole caregiver. I needed Rotator Cuff surgery back in February, 2018. We needed to have 24/7 care for my husband to help him with the activities of daily living. Caregivers were needed to come in and assist with the daily care of my husband who is a C5/C6 Quadriplegic. After researching and contacting several personal care agencies, we came across Amada Senior Care - Round Rock. We interviewed many companies and selected Amada. From February, 2018 through July, 2018 we had three of the most wonderful caregivers you could ask for come in and literally become a part of our family. They met all of our needs and went well above and beyond. Amada did a wonderful job with the selection of caregivers for us. Yes, there is a price to pay, but you have to follow the old adage "you get what you pay for ..." We were never left hanging and when we called their office there was always someone there to assist us and help us from Amada. If we had to do it all over again we would make the same call to Patrick and Christi for help. Amada Senior Care did a wonderful job and we are so thankful for them. Their Caregivers became part of our team and part of our family. Thank you!

by Katie Serrato on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada Is The Best

I work as a Care Consultant at Hospice Compassus in Round Rock, which serves the Greater Austin area. Many times we have patients that need more in home care than we are able to handle. A lot of our patients are seniors and not safe in their home for many reasons and the only option for them was to go into a skilled nursing facility requiring 24/7 around-the-clock care. This is no longer the case after finding Amada Senior Care. We are now able to get in-home care right away from Amada. The Amada Team always puts the family's and patient's needs first. They work with all sorts of patients suffering age-related issues ranging from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, COPD, CHF, and others. They are very helpful, caring, and compassionate. They will truly go the extra mile to help with all of the activities of daily living in the home for our patients. When we call Amada to help a family, they respond very quickly to meet with them, take their time to get to know each individual family member, and take every need into consideration.

They listen very well, consistently answer every question, and are extremely thorough. Their follow-through is fantastic. We have found safety and comfort in using Amada Senior Care for our patients. We have found they are an amazing help at keeping loved ones at home instead of readmitting back into the hospital or making arrangements for placement at a skilled nursing facility. I know when I call Christi and Patrick about a family in need they will take every need seriously and treat them like their own personal family! This is so rare to find in our society today. They consistently go the extra mile each and every time!

I personally recommend Amada Senior Care to everyone I feel could use their wonderful service. From those that just need a little care to keep things running around the house to someone who is bed-bound and needs 24/7 care, they can handle it. Amada’s staff is professional, highly trained, reliable, and they have a real nice way of putting people in a stressful situation at ease! Nobody wants to be confronted with having a loved one be unsafe at home, but these things can potentially happen. Life has a way of hitting us with curve balls. Patrick & Christi are there to help ease the worry and stress! I trust Amada with our patients. You will be served well if you’re reading this to give them a call, and they will show you how amazing they can be for you or your loved one.

Katie Serrato,
Care Consulant at Hospice Compassus

by John Reynolds on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Excellent People

I live in a senior independent living community and the Executive Director Christina referred me to Amada. She told me they where experts at providing care for seniors and filing their claims on their long term care insurance policies. They did everything from start to finish. I met Patrick the owner of Amada and he did everything Chrsitina told me he would do. Patrick and Tonya processed my entire long term care insurance claim. I had to do very little. They were such a big help.

We all know what’s it like to file insurance claims on our own. Amada did the whole thing and got the claim approved. The caregivers they have provided me with are wonderful. They help me with a lot of things around the house. They also assist me with getting in and out of the shower. I feel very safe now. Before I had my caregiver I was concerned about slipping and falling from the wet floor. I’m very pleased with Amada and plan on using them for a very long time.

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