Best Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

Most retirees live on a fixed income.  They know how much money they will bring in every month, and consequently, how much they can spend in order to live within their means.  But what about those who have always wanted that dream car, or need extra cash to travel the world, or want to renovate their kitchen and bathrooms?  Considering that the “average monthly Social Security retirement benefit for January 2016 is $1,341 (Social Security Administration)”, it’s no wonder many seniors find themselves financially frustrated.  Fortunately, there are a plethora of great part-time jobs for retirees.  Here are our Top 5:

  1. Tutoring

Whether you are tutoring mathematics, chemistry, a second language, or even teaching piano or guitar lessons, passing on your knowledge to another is one of the most rewarding ways to give back to society.  Even if you are not an expert at a particular subject, you can educate yourself on a topic of interest in your free time.  Most retirees will tell you that in order to stay happy in retirement you have to stay busy, and what’s better than getting paid to learn something new?  On top of that, tutors generally can set their own hours and get paid in cash.

  1. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping doesn’t sound so glamorous, does it?  So why did it make our list? First and foremost, there is a giant need for bookkeepers in the United States, so finding a job should be fairly easy.  Second, bookkeeping often can be worked part-time rather than full-time, which is perfect for retirees.  Third, it pays around $30 per hour, which is well above some of the other part-time jobs on our list.  And last but not least, bookkeeping requires no formal education.  Unlike being an accountant, bookkeeping responsibilities such as processing payments, creating invoices, and collections, require no additional degree – just a bit of training.

  1. Umpire or Referee

If you are passionate about sports, there are a wide variety of government-funded, school-funded, or private leagues in most every sport.  Find a sport that interests you, so you can pass on your knowledge to the next generation and give back to the community.  Youth leagues across the nation are constantly seeking umpires and referees.  There’s a bonus too – refereeing allows seniors to get additional exercise and stay physically active, which not only helps long-term, but has also been shown to help those with diseases and disabilities (Source).


  1. Museum Guide/Tour Guide – Travel and Entertainment Industry

The American economy is deeply rooted in the travel and entertainment industries, so it should come as no surprise there are a variety of available jobs in these sectors.  The United States has breathtaking national parks and forests, fascinating museums and art galleries, and inspiring historic sites.  Seniors can find their way in the travel and entertainment industries working as tour guides, park rangers, and camp hosts.   Museums are always looking for proctors, guides, and cashiers.  Sports teams and event venues always need people to work as ushers or information guides.  Moreover, one of the most common adversaries facing senior citizens in modern society is isolation.  Being cooped up at home can lead to depression, stress, and even physical deterioration.  While working in the travel and entertainment industries, retirees are more likely to interact with other people throughout the day, which consequently helps with health, longevity and mood.

  1. Go with what Interests YOU

The number one part-time job we recommend for seniors is to find something that peaks their interest. Retirement should be fun, even when you are working!  Find something that you are passionate about, something that you’ve always wanted to do, or even something that you never expected to do.  Additionally, it’s important to think about what you are lacking in retirement.  If you tend to stay in the house day after day, then consider a job where you can get outside and interact with people.  If you already have a busy social life and want to make extra income behind a desk, then consider a more cerebral job like bookkeeping or writing.   Ask around at unexpected places – it might surprise you how many people are looking for knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate part-time help.


Article written by Nick Schaller and Alex Milzer with Senior Directory, LLC.

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