Fighting Cancer With Community

“The cancer has spread to my liver.”

Meet Lisa Reid-Liard, a former Amada employee, who has been fighting the battle against colorectal cancer.

For the past three years, Lisa worked as an office manager for Amada South Bay where she spent much of her time caring for seniors and Veterans. Regardless of whether Lisa was guiding seniors through their long-term care options or caring for them at their bedside, Lisa made sure each person was taken care of with a friendly smile, a warm heart, and deep empathy.

Lisa’s compassionate heart did not end with her clients. She’s always been and continues to be gracious with caregivers, understanding towards families and light in the eyes of everyone who knows her.

If you have personal experience with cancer, you know how devastating it is to receive the news your cancer has spread. Here you are, fighting with everything you’ve got. You desperately want to rid your body of its life-threatening disease, and then you find out the treatment is not working and the cancer is spreading.

This is exactly what happened to Lisa.

Lisa’s cancer has metastasized to her liver. With her family being out of state, she continues to battle the cancer with only her fiance by her side.


While Lisa is always the first one to offer help, but she is not the first to ask for it. But as the saying goes, “desperate times call for desperate measures.” Not only is cancer devasting, but it’s also expensive.

Weekly doctor visits.



Expensive Medications. 

You are looking at an average of $4,000 of out of pocket expenses.

Lisa has reached the point where she has exhausted all of her financial resources and is relying solely on her fiance’s income

Can you imagine fighting for your life while watching your financial resources deplete? 

It’s hard enough about the pain her diagnosis has caused her family. It is disheartening to think the suffering will continue as a financial burden after the battle is over, regardless of the outcome. Lisa is not only fighting for her life; she is fighting for the future of her family.

As we reflect on everything Lisa has done for us, we can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude and a strong desire to reciprocate. We are grateful for everything Lisa has done for us and we want to do everything we can to give her the fighting chance she deserves and the peace of mind in knowing her family will be taken care of.

Amada Senior Care will be supporting her in efforts to raise $75,000 to help cover the costs of her medical expenses. You can help us by donating to her GoFundMeAccount, sharing her story, and most importantly, by keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.

Lisa spent so much of her life taking care of others, and now it’s time for us to return the favor. With a heavy heart we ask, will you join us in helping Lisa win the fight against cancer?



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