Are You an Amada Caliber Caregiver?

Amada Senior Care retains an Administrator who is responsible for assuring that required office and administrative functions of the agency are met on an ongoing basis.

To define the duties of the Administrator. Administrator reports to the Owner.


  1. Three or more years of management experience.
  2. Two or more years’ experience managing an agency.
  3. One or more years working with adults and or seniors.

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Plans, organizes, and directs the daily operations of the agency.
  2. Arranges for professional and non-professional services.
  3. Ensures the hiring process is structured to assure appropriately trained staff.
  4. Ensures the presence of an alternate to act in the absence of the Administrator.
  5. Assumes responsibility for the development and implementation of policies, procedures, services, and quality assurance.
  6. Reviews and approves all policies and procedures related to safe and adequate patient care and operation of the Home Care agency at least every two years.
  7. Develops and implements budget and accounting systems.
  8. Develops and maintains records and reporting systems that provide for proper service control and measurement of program outcomes.
  9. Promotes effective Home Care services in compliance with agency philosophy, policy, and procedures.
  10. Serves as liaison and promotes communication between staff and agency administration.
  11. Ensures the accuracy of public information materials and activities.
  12. Actively promotes all agency programs and services.
  13. Participates in coordinating agency programs with other community agencies and strategic partnerships.
  14. Ensures the client complaint process is followed and intervenes where appropriate.
  15. Provide on-call services after hours and weekends as needed or directed by the Administrator.
  16. Assures the availability of Administrative staff at all hours of agency operations.
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