Director of Clinical Services

The Director of Clinical Services (DOC) reports directly to the Administrator, and is responsible for the management of the Agency’s clinical programs in accordance with the policies determined by the Board of Trustees. Patient care services provided by or arranged for by a home health agency shall be under the direction of a Director of Patient Care Services. The Director of Patient Care Services shall have overall responsibility for coordination of patient care services and shall be responsible for all activities relevant to the patient care services furnished including the development of personnel qualifications and the assignment of personnel. The Director of Patient Care Services or his or her registered nurse designee shall be available on the premises or immediately accessible by telecommunications during operating hours when patients are receiving services. The Director of Patient Care Services shall devote a sufficient number of hours to assure the quality and adequacy of services provided and supervision of staff.


The Director of Patient Care Services shall qualify for the position by fulfilling the requirements under one of the following categories, unless the individual has been previously approved for such employment by a program flexibility issued for the individual’s current position at the home health agency prior to April 1, 1995:

(1) A registered nurse with a baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing or other health related field with three years of experience within the last five years in a home health agency, primary care clinic or health facility, at least one year of which was in a supervisory or administrative capacity; or

(2) A registered nurse with four years’ experience within the last five years in a home health agency, primary care clinic or health facility, at least one year of which was in a supervisory or administrative capacity.

The Director of Patient Care Services shall have sufficient background knowledge and expertise in clinical decision-making for the patient population of the home health agency to meet the needs of his or her patients, and to contribute to Quality Management review and evaluation.

  • Educational preparation preferred is a Baccalaureate level (preferably with a master’s degree), with a minimum of five years clinical experience.
  • Must currently be licensed as a Registered Nurse in the state in which the position is held.
  • Must be able to work with computers and computer spreadsheets.
  • Must be able to demonstrate effective written and verbal communication.
  • Must be able to lift, bend, squat the level and amount determined by each job assigned.
  • Must have effective communication skills.
  • Must present proof of a current driver’s license and have a dependable insured automobile.
  • Must have a positive attitude which fosters a cooperative and positive atmosphere.
  • Must be neat in appearance.


  • Will be responsible for all clinical service programs; however, may delegate specific responsibilities to other personnel.
  • Will perform initial orientation of all new skilled nursing staff.
  • Will follow up on complaints directly received by patients, per policy.
  • Will act as a clinical liaison to the administrative staff.
  • Will participate in the development of the strategic plan.
  • Will recommend to the Administrator the appropriate staffing mix needed to adequately provide the community services.
  • Will monitor the coordination of multidisciplinary services.
  • Will ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are developed, implemented, and monitored.
  • Will keep clinical service personnel informed of up to date clinical information and practices, local issues, and trends.
  • Will supervise programs and personnel as indicated on the organizational chart.
  • Will oversee the QPI/Infection Control program.
  • Will serve as a liaison between staff, physician, patient and community through open and effective communications.
  • Will demonstrate good communication between office personnel.
  • Will represent Agency at local, state, and national level functions as deemed necessary.
  • Will be willing to represent Agency at community functions and/or participate in public speaking engagements to various organizations, physicians, and other interested parties.
  • Will not disclose any fiscal matters of records.
  • Will keep all records up to date, organized, and ready for inspection at any time.
  • Will know and abide by all policies and function accordingly.
  • Will be committed to practice safety precautions.
  • Will maintain a high level of personal grooming in accordance with the dress code.
  • Will hold all records and information in strict confidence.
  • Will represent and support Agency within the community in a positive manner.
  • Will perform other duties as requested.
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