Registered Nurse

  • • Complete Nursing Assessment outlined and provided by AMADA for all Long Term Care insured clients in their home every 90 days. Forms provided are a Nursing Progress Note, Nutritional Assessment, Level of Independence and Home Safety.
  • Complete Nursing Assessments for AMADA private pay clients as requested/needed.
  • Initial Nursing Assessments to be turned in by 3rd business day. Follow-up Nursing Assessments to be turned in by 5th business day.
  • Observe client and Personal Attendant relationship and ensure client satisfaction with their Attendant.
  • Listen, support, and coach/correct the Personal Attendant regarding various situations, behaviors, etc. specific to their client.
  • Determine and make needed appropriate referrals for clients within 2 to 5 business days. Referrals may include durable medical equipment (DME), programs that can benefit the client, community resources, etc.
  • Complete Excel Sheet visit log and submit every 16th and 1st of the month for payroll and review.
  • Enter all narrative notes and pertinent documentation/information regarding clients into Transparent Software through IPAD provided by AMADA.
  • Follow-up and communicate (by e-mail) with AMADA administration staff any complaints, dissatisfactions or problems/issues concerning the Personal Attendant, agency or client.
  • Optionally report to the physician as needed; examples may include: fall(s), unsafe client situation, any reportable signs/symptoms, etc.
  • Mandatorily report to the primary care provider (PCP) physician(s) any abnormal signs/symptoms per Nursing Standard of Care and the Nurse Practice Act.
  • Provide in-service trainings for the AMADA Personal Attendants as agreed upon and scheduled by AMADA administrators.
  • Do outreach or present about the AMADA agency as instructed/requested.
  • Attend marketing events as requested.
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