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STROKES: Recognizing symptoms and reducing your risk

By Jane Noble July 10, 2013 Strokes are the third leading cause of death and the number one cause of disability in America. They affect nearly 800,000 people a year. They can vary from mild to catastrophic, and can be extremely disconcerting for patients and their families. Depending on severity, patients who have suffered strokes may require long term care and rehabilitation. Amada Senior Care has extensive experience helping clients and families deal with mild and severe stroke recovery and helping them better understand exactly what has happened. The good news is that most strokes are preventable and prompt action…

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THE DRIVING DISCUSSION: Warning signs that the car keys should be hung up

By Jane Noble June 10, 2013 As we age, our driving skills tend to deteriorate. Reaction time becomes slower, vision may be impaired (particularly for night driving), and decreased flexibility and hearing loss may occur. These are all factors that contribute to a general retrogression in skills – to the point where a driver is no longer safe on the road. The dilemma faced by many families is how and when to branch into this sensitive subject with an elderly loved one. What do you do if a strong-minded individual insists on continuing to drive when you feel that he…

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Amada Owner Featured on Spokane, Washington’s KSBN Money Talk 1230

By Jeremy Brooker June 28th, 2013 KSBN Spokane, also known as Money Talk 1230, recently featured Amada business owner Robert Christensen as a special guest on Dave Baker’s “Property Management and Financial Planning” show. Robert met the show’s host through Dave’s sister, who lives on the western side of Washington near Tacoma, where Robert’s business is located. On the show’s June 4th episode, Dave explained that his sister’s neighbor had fallen victim to two strokes in recent years, and found himself in a situation where he became dependent on her and others for daily care. Fortunately, the neighbor had a…

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LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE: Is it worth the price?

By Jane Noble June 27th, 2013 The chances of you celebrating your 80th, 90th even 100th birthday are becoming increasingly more likely, with women still tending to live longer than their male counterparts. Advances in medicine are enabling us to survive health events and accidents like never before. As baby boomers reach retirement age, the possibility of an extended lifespan now needs to be taken into consideration as an essential part of retirement planning.  The cost of long term care can be shockingly expensive and without careful planning, assets may be depleted in order to pay the bills. At Amada,…

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OSTEOPOROSIS: A Silent Destroyer

By Jane Noble June 27, 2013 The word osteoporosis comes from the Greek osteo, meaning bone; and poros, meaning hole or passage. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes our bones to lose density and therefore become weak and fragile, and more susceptible to fractures. Bone is living tissue and as an ongoing process during our lives, old bone is broken down and replaced by new. Unfortunately, as we age, this replacement process slows down. Somewhere around the age of 30, bone mass stops increasing and we then have to look after the bones we have more carefully. In most women,…

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