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Amada Caregivers Honored with Value Awards

Hurray for May because it’s Older Americans Month! During this month, the Administration for Community Living (under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) promotes its resources to help older Americans stay healthy and independent. Helping seniors maintain their health and independence is exactly what each of our Amada caregivers does every day in communities around the country. So, we decided to mark Older Americans Month by profiling six exceptional caregivers who were presented with an Amada Value Award in recognition of their outstanding service to seniors. 6C’s of Caregiver Core Values Each Value Award represents one of Amada’s…

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Pets Make Healthier, Happier Seniors

It’s no secret that the furry friends we call “pets” can bring joy and meaning to their owners’ lives. While many people enjoy having pets for this reason alone, studies have shown that pets can improve the health of their owners in multiple ways, especially for seniors. Seniors living independently with pets have better physical and mental health than those without pets. Whether it’s walking the dog, cleaning the litter box, feeding, grooming or playing, most pets force their owners to stay active while caring for them. This exercise can help seniors fight obesity and other health problems. A University…

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What to Include in a Heart-Healthy Diet

Did your doctor just tell you that you need to start eating a heart-healthy diet? Or maybe you just know that it’s time to make your health more of a priority. Regardless of your reasoning, adopting a heart-healthy diet can provide tremendous benefits to not only your heart but also the way you feel. Seniors and Heart Health Cardiovascular disease is a term that refers to numerous diseases that affect both the heart and blood vessels. Many cardiovascular diseases are related to a process known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis develops when plaque builds up in arterial walls. When this happens, it’s difficult for…

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End-of-Life Peace of Mind: Family Tools for Hospice

When Juanita, an Amada Senior Care caregiver from Western Massachusetts, arrived to provide hospice care for Becky Robirds* in her family home, she could not help but notice the house’s decoration. Juanita saw rosaries everywhere, in every room of Becky’s home. She guessed that the Robirds family was devoutly Catholic. She knew upon arrival that Becky’s passing would greatly affect everyone spiritually. Sensing this, Juanita took it upon herself to become Becky’s guardian angel. “I told her family about an app I have on my phone,” Juanita remembered, “I asked if it would be ok to sit beside Becky and…

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Why Is It So Hard To Age With Dignity?

Aging with dignity has been a recent topic of interest, especially among our rapidly aging population. Most of us can agree dignified aging should be considered a basic human right, yet there are still many Americans who feel they are denied this “right.” This begs the question – why? If the majority of us want our aging loved ones to live out the remainder of their lives with the dignity and respect they deserve, why is it so unattainable? What Are The Challenges? There are many ideas as to why our older loved ones are denied the right to age with dignity, but the…

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