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How to Cope With The Ambiguous Loss That Comes With Alzheimer’s

Finding out your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease can be devastating. From the moment you learn about their diagnosis, your resilience is challenged. As you are forced to accept the new trajectory of your relationship and you are often overcome with a slew of unfavorable emotions – one of them being grief. You might be asking yourself, “how can I grieve a person who is still alive?”  As it turns out, you can – it’s called an ambiguous loss. What Is An Ambiguous Loss? “Ambiguous loss” is a term used to describe losses that are related to presence and absence. There…

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Letting Go Of Clutter: Why Many Seniors Struggle

Bring up the topic of de-cluttering in a conversation with older adults and you’ll get a variety of responses. For some, getting rid of things is easy; they may even respond with something like “I love throwing things away!” On the other hand, you have people who can’t seem to throw anything away. You can actually see them shift into a state of panic at the thought of discarding their belongings. The majority fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. You can confidently identify what is clearly trash, yet there are just some things you can’t seem to let go of. We are here to help. Why…

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What Seniors and Caregivers Should Know About Glaucoma

Did you know glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness? Or that 3 million Americans have it? Those facts are scary in and of themselves, but what’s more concerning is that half of the people who have glaucoma are completely unaware of it. Let us paraphrase, 1.5 million Americans are blindly (no pun intended) going about their day with no idea they are slowly losing their vision. The good news is – you can change this! What is Glaucoma? For those who don’t know, glaucoma is a group of related eye disorders that cause damage to the optic nerve (the optic…

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5 Ways to Hack Your Aging Memory

Your memory plays an important role in nearly every aspect of your life. From recognizing your friends to showing up to work on time, you have your ability to remember things to thank. Unfortunately, memory is one of the many things that declines with age – and while this may be difficult to hear, it is likely not as bad as you think. The memory loss you  experience as you age will most likely be minor, and there are many tricks you can use to make the loss far less of a burden. How Does Memory Work? Before you learn how to…

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How to Set Goals in Your Senior Years

When you ask someone about their New Year’s resolutions you will typically get one of two types of responses: Laughter, accompanied by a few reasons why they think New Year’s resolutions are a joke. Excitement, often combined with a long list of ambitious goals. No matter how you decide to answer this question, a new year is quickly approaching and many of you will find it hard NOT to wonder if 2018 is going to be YOUR year. Will this be the year you will finally lose the extra weight you’ve been carrying? Will you finally learn a second language? Or perhaps your intentions are far less complicated…

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