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Tips for Healthy Socializing in a New Senior Community

You’re back on the playground on the first day of school. Who do you play with? Who do you sit with at lunch? Is anyone going to like you? You’ve just moved into a college dormitory far from home. Your roommate is a stranger, and so is everyone else you’re living with. How are you going to socialize in this new environment? It’s your first day at a new job. You’re eager to make a good impression and prove your value. Are coworkers or bosses watching you? Do they approve of you? Will you make friends here? For those settling into…

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Choosing In-Home Care Versus Senior Housing

The needle of Mary’s sewing machine dipped in and out of her favorite apron. Her wrinkled hands shifted its fabric under the antique tank of metal that slowed to a stop as she looked at Emily and winked. Mary was mending the apron so Emily, who had been her caregiver for the past three years, could use it again while preparing their meals. Emily treasured these small moments. They reminded her why she loved her job. Emily knew it was hard for Mary to sew with her newly worsening arthritis, but she also knew she would never give up her…

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Choosing the Best Senior Living Community

The majority of seniors agree that aging in place in your own home is ideal. For those who need a minimum amount of help every day with non-medical activities, in-home care can be a great option. However, if seniors are looking to live in a community environment, or if their care needs exceed in-home care, it may be time to look at other senior living options. Fortunately, there are several types of communities available to them, ranging from independent living to skilled nursing homes.  Families want the best care and environment possible for their elderly loved ones, but waiting until…

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The Transition to Care: Helping Your Loved Ones Adjust

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Families often have a difficult time navigating through the delicate process of helping an elderly loved one transition to senior care. It is hard to know exactly when a senior needs help, but it is usually when activities of daily living become too difficult or dangerous for them do alone. This is one of the main signs that a senior has reached the transition point. Some seniors are resistant to the idea of needing help, and many will not admit that they need it. Transitioning can be an emotional process, with seniors often feeling afraid, vulnerable and even angry that…

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Seniors and Technology

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In their lifetimes, today’s seniors have witnessed some of the most incredible technological advancements in history; space shuttles, televisions, computers, the Internet, cell phones and more. Even so, the rapidly advancing technology scene of the past few years can seem intimidating and cause many seniors to shy away from using the latest devices and tools – specifically computers and the internet. In 2012, the Pew Research Center found that 41 percent of seniors do not go online at all. There are multiple reasons seniors want or have to stay out of the loop when it comes to the internet. Two…

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