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Treasuring Independence by Caring for Our Veterans

On July 4, 1776, the United States claimed independence from England by issuing its “Declaration of Independence.” Today, July 4 is celebrated as a national holiday where families gather to barbecue, celebrate freedom, watch fireworks and enjoy their day off. In addition to participating in festivities, we have a duty as Americans to honor those who have made sacrifices to preserve our freedom and independence. While this duty is often forgotten, there are unsung heroes who serve our veterans not only on this holiday but every day of the year. At the forefront of our borders and in the face of…

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Daddy’s Not-So Little Girl: Daughter Caregivers and their Fathers

This Father’s Day, we celebrate the men in our lives who raised us, provided for us and helped mold us into the people we are today. A great dad can be a family leader and hero in their children’s eyes. But if you are a family member providing long-term care for your father, you might need to be reminded that you are a hero too. Family members may be the most immediate option for providing or managing long-term care. They are intimately connected to the seniors they love. They know details about their health, character, preferences, finances and future plans….

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Caring for Senior Relatives Over the Holidays

Are you home for the holidays?  Is your nest full of siblings, spouses, sons, daughters, cousins, and children? We know that hosting family can be stressful, which is why we’ve directed this post towards those who may be guests in the home of a senior loved one or their family-member caregivers. Having help from willing relatives can do so much to ease these relatives’ minds and relieve their stress. According to the Population Reference Bureau, family members provide more than 95% of informal care for older adults who do not live in nursing homes. If family like unoccupied teens or lounging uncles are willing…

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Simple Ways to Support Family Caregivers

During National Family Caregivers Month, we honor the 30 percent of American adults who are caregivers for an ill or disabled loved one. As the senior population grows, and the need for in-home care increases as well – nearly four in 10 seniors have at least one disability – these volunteer caregivers provide an estimated 37 billion hours of informal care every year. Though caring for a loved one can be rewarding in several ways, the demands placed on family caregivers often lead to stress and burnout. This is most common for those in the sandwich generation ­– middle-aged adults…

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