Downsizing for Retirement: Benefits and Simple Tips

Having an abundance of belongings can be a burden as you transition into your retirement years. Not only does it crowd your living space, it can make retrieving desired objects challenging. The fact is that during working years, you may have needed more stuff than you do in the coming years. You may have accumulated things over time for one reason or another that you simply no longer have use for. As you move to the next chapter in your life, you may want to re-evaluate your “stuff” to see what you want to bring along. Sorting through full closets…

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Pets Make Healthier, Happier Seniors

It’s no secret that the furry friends we call “pets” can bring joy and meaning to their owners’ lives. While many people enjoy having pets for this reason alone, studies have shown that pets can improve the health of their owners in multiple ways, especially for seniors. Seniors living independently with pets have better physical and mental health than those without pets. Whether it’s walking the dog, cleaning the litter box, feeding, grooming or playing, most pets force their owners to stay active while caring for them. This exercise can help seniors fight obesity and other health problems. A University…

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Three Things Every Senior Needs

Amada Senior Care is committed to enriching the lives of seniors, and we believe the following three things are vital to seniors living happier, healthier lives. 1.  An Aging Plan Most seniors take steps to ensure they have a will in place should anything happen to them. However, only 25 percent of Americans have recorded their end-of-life medical wishes in a legal document. The problem with this is that more than half of patients are unable to participate in end-of-life decisions when they need to be made. The solution to this is creating an Advance Directive for healthcare, which can easily be…

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Losing a Spouse in Your Elder Years

losing a spouse

Grief. Sorrow. Numbness. Shock. Fear. Guilt. Anger. These are all things John felt when his wife of 58 years, Elizabeth, died suddenly due to complications from pneumonia. Two months later, he found he still had trouble sleeping and not much of an appetite. He found that he couldn’t keep up with household chores without Elizabeth’s helping hands. The initial heartbreak of losing his life partner became a progressive depression as he realized his life would never be the same without her. Seniors who recently lost a spouse may find it difficult and upsetting to be alone after years of sharing…

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Staying Socially Engaged

An elderly woman loses her husband of 60 years to cancer right before the holiday season. Like so many others who have experienced this, she slips into a state of loneliness and depression. Christmas was her husband’s favorite holiday, and for the first time in decades, he won’t be there to celebrate it with her. She feels completely hopeless, like she will never be happy again. But there is a remedy that could bring her back to herself, and it’s not the latest therapy or pill. It’s something much simpler – people. Recently, researchers have found that social interaction and…

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