I'm a caregiver for this company & I like how flexible they are with my hours. I can go to school and take care of my kids. The supervisor makes me feel important and I feel supported and the company gives you training. I love my client's and this company.

Excellent Company

My wife Stephanie's grandmother, Joyce, had a long-term care insurance policy and was desperately in need of a caregiver (she is having congestive heart failure and some other issues), but was having serious difficulty claiming on the policy to pay for her care. The owner of Amada Corona, Stuart, got on the phone with the long-term care insurance company and helped Joyce begin the process of activating her policy (so now she's able to pay for all the care she needs). They found the PERFECT caregiver for her, Maria, who only lives 3 miles away from Joyce's home in Apple Valley. Joyce can't stop talking about how great Maria is, and honestly, she really is an ideal caregiver for this situation. She's professional, responsive, well-trained and VERY attuned to Joyce's needs. Excellent, excellent company.