Caregiver Jobs in Farmington Hills

Amada Senior Care Farmington Hills is currently interviewing for the caregiver jobs listed below. If you would like to join the Amada team, please apply by clicking on the orange button above or the link below.

We are hiring individuals with the appropriate experience and credentials to work as personal care attendants or home-care aides throughout Farmington Hills and Southeast Michigan. Read on to learn about working with Amada Senior Care.

Why Work for Amada Senior Care Farmington Hills?

We Encourage Career Mobility

  • At Amada, we hire caregivers who are driven to succeed and believe it’s our responsibility to help them grow their careers. We provide mentoring, free continuing education, and other resources to help our caregivers grow with Amada.

Competitive Pay

  • Caregiver wages at Amada are always industry-competitive, and are based on performance, experience, seniority, and the care needs of clients.

Free Continuing Education

Another way we encourage Amada caregivers to grow is through free continuing education, such as:

  • Training for state certifications
  • CEUs for Registered Nurses and Certified Nurse Assistants
  • Training on client-specific conditions, both online and on-site
  • Access to the Amada Training Center to increase basic skills and equipment use

Flexible Scheduling

  • Many of our caregivers are not able to work a traditional schedule, and we strive to work with their unique scheduling needs. We offer both full- and part-time work, as well as day, night, and weekend shifts.

Caregiver Appreciation, Bonuses, Rewards, and Incentives

  • At Amada, we are always looking for new ways to show our caregivers how proud we are of them. We hold regular caregiver appreciation events, award bonuses to “Caregiver of the Month” and “Caregiver of the Year,” and also provide perks like movie passes, gas cards, grocery cards, and more.

Opportunities Nationwide

  • In addition to Farmington Hills and Southeast Michigan, Amada has more than 200 offices across the United States. If you want or need to relocate, we’ll help you contact the office nearest your new home so you can remain on the Amada team.

Positive and Professional Staff

  •  Everybody’s load feels lighter when they like and respect the people they work with. We have carefully built our Amada Farmington Hills team with individuals who are professional, pleasant, and compassionate. We actually like working with each other, and you will too!

Tools and Technology to Help You

  • We never want administrative tasks to detract from our caregivers’ attention to their clients. This is why we provide our staff with tools like our Caregiver Portal, which helps them take care of tasks like scheduling, care journaling, and ADL documentation with ease.

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