Ideal Candidate

What it Takes

Owning an Amada Senior Care business requires an investment with two major components – human and financial. Above all, we’re looking for good human beings – compassionate and motivated individuals with a drive to help and a drive to become effective business leaders. We can train you in nearly everything else, but nothing can compensate for lack of desire and heart.

Mission of Amada Senior Care

icon-houseThe mission of Amada Senior Care is to Enrich the lives of our clients, their families, our staff and the senior community in which we serve. Our goal is to set the standard of care in our industry by creating an innovative and customized senior care experience.


At Amada we value these five things:


  • Compassionate/Charitable
  • Competitively driven to be the best
  • Urgency in all things
  • Farmer/Entrepreneur mentality
  • Confidently Humble

This means we partner with, hire, and promote those who demonstrate these traits.

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