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At Amada Senior Care Louisville, owner Celeste Massie is determined to fill what she sees as a serious deficiency in our society: the lack of compassion and dignity with which so many of our elders are treated. To this end, Celeste and the entire team at Amada Louisville strive to give each client we work with the kind of comprehensive and personalized care every senior deserves.

According to our clients and their families, what makes Amada Louisville stand out against other companies that provide in-home care is the fact that each Amada caregiver is truly interested in enriching clients’ lives. To us, the normal home-care tasks of cooking and cleaning are only a small part of our obligation to our clients. We believe it is important that we get to know each client’s unique needs, preferences, and personality so that we can make the most positive impacts on their lives.

We know that small gestures other caregivers may not think of can dramatically enhance our clients’ happiness and comfort in a home-care environment. For example, if we know that Mrs. Jones misses being able to spend hours in the garden, we might put some of her best blooms in a vase on the breakfast table so she can start her day with a smile. While it may really only be a few daisies in a vase, to her it’s an acknowledgment that her caregiver has listened to her attentively and sought to bring her joy.

In addition to providing the highest quality of in-home care, we at Amada Senior Care Louisville aim to support our clients and their families through all of their senior care needs. We offer assisted living placement services at no cost, and we can also help families find the best options to help them pay for senior care.  

At Amada Senior Care Northeast Louisville, we think of our clients and their loved ones as part of our family, so we guide them through senior care with compassion, knowledge, and understanding.


Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like:



If you or a senior you love in the Louisville area could use help with activities of daily living, please contact Amada for a Free Care Needs Consultation. We will work with you to find the ideal plan of care for you and your family, whether that is in-home care, remote care with home monitoring technology, or transitioning to the assisted living environment most appropriate for your unique situation.


Long-Term Care Insurance Claims Experts

Policy Review and Benefit Verification
It is crucial that our clients understand their long-term care insurance policies and the benefits they are entitled to in order to use them effectively. We can help you make sense of your LTCi policy so you can get the care you deserve.
Help with Claims and Paperwork
We are happy to help clients file LTCi claims and complete other paperwork and forms quickly, which will give them faster access to their benefits.
Your Personal LTCi Advocates
The experts at the Amada LTCi Resource Center have extensive experience in this industry and have formed relationships with most LTCi carriers and administrators. Don’t waste time waiting on hold for hours—we’ll call our contacts directly to personally advocate for you.
Benefit Assignments and Payment Monitoring
We will work with you to develop a care plan that makes the most efficient use of your LTCi benefits and meets your unique needs. We can also help reduce your stress by monitoring LTCi payments or even billing carriers directly.


Our Commitment


At Amada Senior Care Louisville, we are committed to surpassing our clients’ expectations to truly enrich their lives and help them thrive. We are also committed to supporting our clients’ families and making sure they have the resources and information they need to feel confident that they have made the right decisions for their loved one’s care.


“Our clients always know they have our full support and guidance as they navigate senior care.”


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Trust me when I say that Celeste and Will have been an answer to my prayers. Admitting it is time to seek help for your parent(s) is not an easy step. You feel like you should be able to do everything for them like they did raising you, right. Well, the transition phase and this whole experience has been met with nothing but compassion and ease. Celeste has gone above and beyond to help my mother. I know it's supposed to be about the person receiving care, but she has been so helpful to me and understands what the family needs, too. She picked a caregiver who has worked very well for my mother. She and Will take great pride in the services of Amada, but it's the personal touch they add to their company that really matters.

Amazing Company

Celeste and Will are phenomenal people. My Dad was having issues with congestive heart failure and Amada caregivers were there with him until he needed to be on hospice. They helped with toileting, bathing, reminding him to take his medication, and making sure he could get around the house when he wanted to. I can't thank Celeste and her company enough for their compassionate, attuned care.




Senior Housing Advising


When seniors begin to struggle with activities of daily living at home, it may be time to consider an assisted living environment. At Amada Louisville, we understand that this is often an emotional and frightening transition for our aging clients. Additionally, we have learned that the family members of our senior clients also struggle with new emotions and the need to make important decisions quickly as they enter the world of unknown world of senior housing. 

We see it as our mission to guide seniors and their families through the search for and transition to an assisted living environment with wisdom and compassion.

There are a number of different senior living options in the Louisville area, and they can be distinguished by the level of care they provide. Nursing homes usually offer quick access to complex medical services and a larger staff to assist clients with ADLs. In assisted living communities, residents can still get help with ADLs when they need it, but this is generally a more independent and active environment.

When considering senior living options, it is essential that families identify the community that will help seniors stay safe, but it is just as important to find a place where seniors can feel at home and enjoy their lives. We at Amada have built relationships with all of the assisted living communities in and around Northeast Louisville, and we have unique insight into the day-to-day operations and culture of each one. We can help you and your family find the ideal placement for your style of socialization, location preferences, and budget.

Many of the seniors and families we work with express concerns about how they are going to pay for a residential care community. We know it’s easy to succumb to “sticker shock” when they see some of the prices for these and other senior care options. Fortunately, we also know of every resource and option available to make senior care more affordable. We will sit down with you and your family to discuss non-traditional payment options like veterans’ benefits, long-term care insurance, and even life insurance policies—and we are confident we can help you find the best ways to pay for the care you deserve.
At Amada Senior Care Louisville, we never charge for our senior housing advisory services. We can refer you to the ideal placement for your family’s unique situation, such as:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Large and small communities
  • Independent living communities
  • Board and care homes
  • Adult family homes
  • Senior care homes
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Alzheimer/dementia communities

Click here for a Free Care Needs Consultation, or call
(502) 398-6366


Always “BeClose” with Home Care Technology


These days, so many American families are spread across the country or even across the world, which can make it especially challenging to ensure the safety of a loved one who is becoming limited by age. And if a senior you love is determined to remain living at home, it doesn’t matter if you live next door or in the next state—you just want to be close. Amada has made this possible with our BeClose remote care system.

BeClose is a customized home monitoring system each family can build according to their unique needs. We offer products like indoor and outdoor cameras, button-less alarms for falls, fires, and other emergencies, automated door locks and thermostats, and even medication monitors to help you feel confident your loved one is safe. Our BeClose system sends real-time updates to families through a secure and easy-to-use mobile app, and will even notify you if we detect a change in your loved one’s routines or behaviors that you may want to address.

With state-of-the-art remote care technology by Amada, you can now “BeClose” to your senior loved one, no matter where you go. To learn more about how BeClose can be a benefit to your family, please contact Amada for a Free Consultation.




At Amada, we are proud of our reputation as leaders in senior care technology and innovation. We are wodely recognized as the originators of the online portal system for family-caregiver communication. Our Transparent portal allows family members to log on with a secure personal ID and password so they can see updates on caregiver duties and other aspects of their senior loved one’s care..

Veterans Assistance Programs


Many of the veterans we are honored to care for at Amada Senior Care Louisville find it especially difficult to cover the cost of care with their military pensions. Many of these veterans are also surprised to learn that they may be eligible for government programs that provide significant financial assistance. Programs like the VA Aid and Attendance benefit for wartime veterans and surviving spouses are not charity: they were earned through the sacrifices of our service members and their families. To learn more about Aid and Attendance and other veterans’ benefits, contact Amada for a Free Veterans’ Care Needs Consultation.

Aid and Attendance Eligibility:

1. Military Service
  • This benefit is for veterans who served a minimum of one day active duty during wartime and a total of 90 days’ active duty overall. Surviving spouses of qualified veterans also qualify.
  • Veterans with dishonorable discharge are not eligible for Aid and Attendance.
2. Personal Care Needs
  • Qualified applicants currently need help from another person to complete activities of daily living.
  • ADLs may include walking or mobility, bathing, meal preparation, eating, and more.
3. Income
  • Claimants must spend the majority of their income on care expenses.
  • Benefits are awarded according to the percentage of income spent on care, up to a set maximum.
4. Assets
  • Claimant’s assets must not exceed a limit set by the VA.
  • Determination of financial assets will depend upon age and financial need.
How VA Aid and Attendance Benefits can Help You:

VA Aid and Attendance benefits may make it possible for seniors to move to the assisted living community of their choice or afford more comprehensive care. These benefits are:

  • Tax free.
  • Not required to be repaid as long as claimant is eligible.
  • Paid directly to claimants every month by the US Treasury.
  • In addition to military pensions.

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