by Anita S. Kucera on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Excellent Care

The care provided by Amada Senior Care is excellent. Much effort is put into matching caregiver with client and covering all needed shifts. Mom feels safe in the company of her caregivers and I feel confident that Mom is well taken care of while I am at work. Ann J. and Alma C. are compassionate, patient, kind and respectful. They are great caregivers.

Great Company

The staff is great and very attentive when help is needed. They are very passionate about their clients as well as their carrgivers. They give equal and share detail to both.

Amada is so wonderful to work for! The staff is so caring and thoughtful to the clients and the caregivers. It is a real pleasure being here and I am blessed with these wonderful people. It is a very rewarding job.

by Nicole Larson on Amada Senior Care Reviews

I love this company! They truly care for there clients.

by Heather causey on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Great sevice

Love this company so much. Great customer service

by Paula J Tackowiak on Amada Senior Care Reviews
I lOVE this company!

I LOVE working for this wonderful agency. The owners Kris and Kimberly go above and beyond for their clients and their staff. They hire top-notch caregivers and professional, caring office staff, as well. They deserve the five stars!


Great place to work. The people are competent and caring and are passionate about hiring and keeping people who want to give their clients the best care.

by Esther Mbugua on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Best place to work

I love taking care of my clients and ther satisfaction is paramount and my reward. I also love working for Amada senior care because they are Kind , friendly to their caregivers.

by Paula J Tackowiak on Amada Senior Care Reviews
I love working for this company!

In my 20 year career as a caregiver this is the best company that I have worked for. They live their Mission Statement to enrich lives with professionalism, caring and compassion, for clients as well as staff.

by Cecilia Pineros L on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Profesionalissm at its best

I have work for Amada for two years . Always so professional with the service to clients who feel secure and in comfort with Amada’s service. They go the extra mile for the clients needs. At the same time and equally professional with the employees who in turn feel considered part of the team to serve and care. Amada one is the best companies to work for in my 15 years experienced

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