Amada helped us from start to finish!

Amada Senior Care was there for us from start to finish. I am very thankful for the care they provided to my Mom. My family is also thankful and grateful. The caregivers were kind, caring and made a difference. Amada also helped me with the long term care insurance claims. Recommended!

Thank you

I want to thank your staff for helping to keep my dad safe and working with us to figure out a care plan. Your service has been invaluable to our family.

by S. Silverstein on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada is recommended

I have used Amada Senior Care for my mom, found the management team to be very flexible and accommodating and the caregivers to be very kind and caring. I recommend Amada Senior Care of Greater Milwaukee

Amada has been so important

Amada has been very important to me and they have good quality people to care for me. They are patient, they listen and want to do what's right. They are highly recommended and do a good job.

Glad we found them!

Amada Senior Care was top-notch! I met them through a nursing home for my husband and they helped manage the discharge for me and it made everything go so much smoother. The caregivers were so kind and the customer service was very patient, they helped me with my husbands transition and want to say “Thanks”.

Amada really helped !

I want to say Amada’s services were great and the caregiver was excellent. They really helped me with my husband. Not knowing what to expect and not having gone through this before, Amada did a great job and really helped!

by N. Loeffler on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada exceeded our expectations

We were led to D.R. Salerno and Amada through Heartland Hospice and are family is so grateful. Amanda's caregiver was responsive, reliable, and so easily meshed with our household and my Dad's evolving illness and his needs. Amada was readily adaptive to our concerns and able to increase their caregiving when requested. We were quite pleased with the individual caregiver, and very impressed with D.R. Salerno. D.R. Salerno went out of his way to assist us with our interactions with our long term care insurance company. That was invaluable service!

by Jamie Hermann on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Very Impressive Service!

My husband suffered from a brain tumor and after struggling on my own for months, D.R. and company came to my rescue. Because of the efficient and friendly care we received, we were able to keep him home. Amada made sure the care givers were a good fit for our needs. In fact, one of my helpers became a friend and still visits with me! I recommend them to everyone! They are an awesome, thoughtful, efficient company to work with!

Really like their service!

I am grateful for Amada Senior Care and how they helped my father. I heard about them from a nursing home and am very appreciative of their services and the compassion they show.

Awesome care

I hired Amada to care for my mother.
They are very carrying and reliable. They even assisted with
The insurance paperwork in which I knew nothing about.
I'm glad that I found them.

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