Great Service!

Kevin and his team are great! The staff is friendly, the caregivers have been great, and they even helped with my dad's long term care policy! Would highly recommend to anyone asking!

by Charles S. on Amada Senior Care Reviews
All the caregiver's are very nice

All the caregiver's are very nice. I will be happy when we can get the morning shift consistent.

Professional, friendly, knowledgable, and kind service that frequently goes the extra mile!

My mom recently had a stroke. While she was in rehab, we contacted Amada to provide her home care. Kevin came to rehab to meet Mom and work with the social worker for a smooth transition. His professional, knowledgeable, and kind demeanor was very reassuring for Mom and me. Her caretakers worked with her around the clock and were always punctual and friendly - frequently going beyond the call of duty with an all over lotion massage and even putting up the new 5 foot corded shower head so she could sit down to shower. They waited on Mom at first (which she loved) and gradually encouraged her to be more self-reliant so she could meet her goal of remaining in her own home. They coordinated with each of the therapists who would come 2-3 times a week to make sure she was ready for their visits. Mom can be stubborn and even sharp and likes the apartment to be 79.5 degrees and for all of the curtains to be closed because the light hurts her eyes. Despite the adverse environment in which the caregivers had to work, there was never a word or even a hint of a complaint. Amada even filed directly with our long term care insurance to provide us the convenience of not having to file ourselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you Amada Care for being there to ease us through a difficult time in Mom's life and ours. We highly recommend your company to everyone!

Responable Care

Needing caregivers is a adjustment not only for the elder but the whole family. It's a disruption on everyone's part. The best choice in this transaction was hiring Amanda Care. There's been times when I could not control situations. Kevin or Dawn made sure they came to the home to work with the whole family to handle things in a professional way. The caregivers are wonderful and my mom gets close to them. My mom needs the companion and this makes life more relaxing. I feel safe and I feel Amanda is part of my family. Thank you Amanda

Amada was very helpful

After a fall and trip to the ER, our Mom needed help getting up and around. Amada came out quickly and set up aides to sit 24/7 as long as required. We evaluated Moms progress every couple of days extending the service as needed. I hope not to need Amada Senior Care in the near future, but find it comforting that they are nearby and available. I gladly recommend Amada to families in need of this type of service with confidence knowing that they perform a fine service at a fair price.

by Beverly L. on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Very helpful, attentive, professional

Everyone has been very helpful, my family has felt very comfortable with everyone we have had contact with. Always get a quick response, as well as knowledgeable response. We are starting to have a comfort feeling again that our Dad is getting good hot meals and help when it is needed. Our caregiver is very kind and very prompt. Very please with our choice. We are off to a great start.

Thank you Ms Land for your kind words. Our caregiver LOVES taking care of your father- he is such a sweet man!

Punctional, Professional and Polite

As a long-term care insurance specialist, I give high priority to assisting clients quickly when they become claim eligible. Recently I alerted Amada on a Monday regarding a lady in Cookeville who needed home care. Amada jumped to action and provided a home care worker for this lady in her home on the following Wednesday! Another policyholder in Nashville asked me to participate in a meeting in his home when Amada had been invited to describe their services for his wife who was in the early stages of dementia. I was very pleased to learn that Amada had already contacted the insurance company and understood the policy's benefits for this lady.

Thank you Mr. Richey for your terrific feedback. We take pride in quick responses to care for clients. One of our Core Values is Urgency in All Things. We are pleased that our Core Value aligns to your business practices.

by Michael C. on Amada Senior Care Reviews

I Used AMADA for help with my mom. I spoke with Dawn on the phone and met with Kevin. We decided on an individual to help with my mother's needs and she as PERFECT! Mom can be a little stubborn and the care partner was the best mix of encouragement and "push", my mom responded to her very well. Mom was always happy to see her and that made me very happy. I felt better knowing mom was safe and in professional hands while I was away. A great asset, and the extra help I got with the light chores around the house was fantastic. I would, and have offered this company to others that may need that extra little help with a loved one.

Thank you very much Michael for your kind words. We enjoyed caring for your mother and we are glad we could assist your family in a time of need!

Don G.

My mother recently moved to assisted living and needed two things: 1) A personal caregiver to occasionally supplement the facility's standard services, and 2) Advice on how to file an initial claim on my mother's long-term care policy. Kevin addressed both needs. He provided a capable, friendly individual to help my mother with errands and companionship. She immediately exceeded our expectations and we look forward to a long-term relationship with this Amada caregiver. Moreover, Kevin explained to us how the LTC claims process works, sharing insights that helped us engage the process in a clear, truthful and effective manner. His advice helped lead to a good and well-reasoned decision on the part of the insuror, for which we're thankful.

We appreciate your excellent review Don. Our caregiver loves taking care of your mom and we pride ourselves on our expertise in LTC insurance. We are so happy that Kevin could help you understand the process! Thank you.

by Dr Amanda R. on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Professionalism, Accreditation, Ethics

I've been fortunate enough to get to know the local owners of Amada over the past few months and they are clearly exceptional professionals. In deciding which home health providers to chose it can be overwhelming, fearful and challenging to navigate through the process. Kevin, and his team at Amada, put their clients and their family members at ease with genuine compassion and understanding. It is evident that the standard of quality and professionalism for their clients is first class. I highy recommend this BBB accredited community of care givers. Their ethical principles and high standards should make anyone at ease when referring their family members to them.

We appreciate your kind words, Dr. Richardson. It's an honor to serve the Senior Community and to represent a company that expects nothing but excellence from all of their employees. Thank you.

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