Caregiver Jobs in Northwest Twin Cities

Amada Senior Care Northwest Twin Cities is currently hiring for the positions listed below. If you think you could be an asset to the Amada team, please click on the orange button above or the link below to apply.

If you have the appropriate experience and credentials, you may be a great addition to our personal care attendant and homemaker services. Learn more about our caregiver jobs in Northwest Twin Cities below.

Why do Caretakers Love Working for Amada Senior Care Northwest Twin Cities?

Build your Career with Amada

  • We think it’s important that we support our caregivers as they pursue career development. To help you grow with Amada, we offer mentorships, free continuing education courses, and other resources for career mobility.

Competitive Pay

  • At Amada, caregiver wages are based on experience, seniority, performance, and specific client care duties. We are committed to providing industry-competitive pay.

Continuing Education is Free

Amada caregivers don’t need to pay for continuing education courses, such as:

  • State certifications training
  • CEUs for CNAs and RNS
  • Training on client-specific conditions, offered both on-site and online
  • Brush up on basic skills and equipment use through the Amada Training Center

Flexible Scheduling

  • We realize that many of our team members have responsibilities and commitments that make it impossible to work a traditional 9 to 5 schedule. We offer full- and part-time work as well as day, evening, and weekend shifts, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Caregiver Appreciation, Bonuses, and Incentives

  • We never miss an opportunity to show our caregivers how much we value them! We hold regular caregiver appreciation events, give bonuses to the “Caregiver of the Month” and “Caregiver of the Year,” and throw in incentives like movie tickets and gas and grocery cards to reward hard work.

Senior Care Opportunities Nationwide

  • There are more than 80 Amada offices spread across the United States. If you ever need to relocate, we’ll put you in touch with the office nearest your new home.

A Great Team

  • At Amada Northwest Twin Cities, we have carefully built our team with people who are dedicated, professional, and friendly, because we know how essential a positive work environment is.

Tools and Technology to Help You

  • Why spend extra time on administrative tasks when you could be spending it with your clients? With our Caregiver Portal, you can breeze through tasks like scheduling and care documentation so you focus on what really matters.

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