by Al Cantarini on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada homecare

I have been pleased by the professional service and care that zi receiveFrom Amada. I am recovering well from a TBIKathy and Edwin are great

by Linda Williams on Amada Senior Care Reviews

This is my 3rd time using AMADA. AMADA is a reliable company and provides excellent service. THE CARE GIVERS are helpful, efficient, courteous and friendly. i would definitely recommend AMADA to anyone that needs this type of home care service.Sincerely,Linda WilliamsCorona del Mar, CA

by Lisa Rivera on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Thank you!!

It took a little while to find the care givers that clicked with my dad. NOT because the care givers weren't wonderful, but because my dad can be a tough customer! Amada was patient and understanding that we needed to find the care givers that my dad was comfortable with. And we feel very lucky to have found some gems. My dad was just telling me the other day, "You know, we're lucky with the care givers that we have. They're great!" Sarah and Esmeralda are incredible. They care about my father and want to make sure he is taken care of and happy. When they're with him I feel at ease. Thank you so much for helping us through some rough times.

by Al Cantarini on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada is an excellent source for caregiversWe have been very satisfied. Alyssa is fantastic.Cody has done a wonderful job.Thank youAl

Julie is in exceptional caregiver who understands and meets all my mother's needs. We are so fortunate to have Julie!

by Frances Cohen on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Life saving

Amada has been a real life-saver for me. They got on-board for round-the-clock care for my mother immediately upon request, and have brought wonderful care-givers. I could not be happier with them.

Service review

Very happy with the service Amada provides specially her service and compassion from her current caregiver.

by The Flores Family on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Top Quality Care

I can't say enough about the wonderful care given to our senior family with dementia who is a beloved wife, sister, aunt and grandmother. Amada caregivers are trained in assisting seniors with dementia but still they go above and beyond by learning how Esther communicates and the food and activities she prefers. As a family, we're so happy to see Esther so happy. Thank you, Amada Senior Care Orange County!

by Denise Marracq on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Thank You

All in all, I feel so incredibly lucky to have you, for the care you provided for my husband, as he lived this past year in comfort.

by Clyde and Joan on Amada Senior Care Reviews
I Love this Company

Thank you for your kind words and thoughtfulness during our family's difficult time... Dawnette was extremely helpful and compassionate. Grace quickly became a member of our family.