Our Caregivers

Are You an Amada Senior Care Caliber Caregiver?

Amada Senior Care is looking for GREAT caregivers that are up to the challenge of meeting our high standards of care. What do we look for in our caregivers? We call it our 6 Cs of being a great caregiver.

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  • Amada caregivers see providing senior care as their calling, not just a job.
  • Our caregivers show genuine kindness and concern for seniors and look to fulfill our clients’ other needs as well (i.e. relational, emotional, and physical care needs).
  • Our caregivers build real, meaningful relationships with our clients.
  • Our caregivers enhance seniors’ quality of life by creating authentic connections.
  • Our caregivers look for ways to find common ground through their own experiences.
  • Of all the C’s, the power to connect is the most crucial
  • Our caregivers have confidence in their own competency, skills and training.
  • They have confidence in the strength, support and efficiency of Amada.
  • They greet our clients with a handshake and have the confidence to calmly and kindly deal with even the most hesitant client.
  • Our caregivers must be committed to senior care and dedicated to our clients.
  • They must be consistent and provide an excellent level of service.
  • Amada caregivers speak clearly, listen well, and are experts at non-verbal communication through facial expressions, gesture, eye contact, positive body language and touch.  This is the essence of quality senior care.
  • Our caregivers possess the knowledge, experience and training necessary to provide exceptional senior care.
  • They can be trusted to carry out delicate activities like bathing, dressing, toileting and a multitude of other tasks with tact and respect.
  • They have common sense in abundance and are able to make quick decisions and problem solve.
  • They understand the implications of physical or mood changes in their clients and know how to take appropriate action.