by Theresa Cooke on Amada Senior Care Reviews

One of my clients told me today that Amada Senior Care has provided her with first class care. This comment was not solicited by me. This client is on hospice care along with care provided by Amada. This is the best compliment a company could receive as my client is very picky and has experienced elder care from other agencies in her lifetime. Good job, Amada. You have made me look good with with my client!!!!

by Barbara Marsh on Amada Senior Care Reviews
So lucky to have found Amada

I needed an immediate 9 pm to 9 am caregiver who could administer drugs. Amada was recommended by Circle of Life Hospice and that was the best recommendation! I called, explained what I needed and they were able to accommodate me within two hours of my call. Some paperwork done, and an angel appeared both nights from Amada! We got some rest and my mother got quality care. Both caregivers left detailed notes on meds, comfort and activity level of the patient. I can’t thank the caregivers enough for all they did. So lucky we have a company like Amada in Reno!

by Steve Fine on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada Senior Care is top-notch! Extremely helpful staff when you need them the most.

by Bruce Hahn on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Thoughtful and caring service

Amada of Northern Nevada provided thoughtful and caring service to my father and stepmother during the months of his terminal illness. His five regular caregivers were compassionate, punctual and thorough in providing physical care and critical emotional support. The office was remarkably responsive to our changing needs during care. I recommend them without reservation.
—Bruce H.

by Alex Perez on Amada Senior Care Reviews
I love this company

Love this company. Ryan, the owner, has done an amazing job getting the right people in place to provide the clients with caregivers who are the best fit for them. One of the best places I have ever worked.

by Jazzlyn Jackson on Amada Senior Care Reviews
They really care

This is the best company that I have worked for. Management really cares about the well-being of their employees and clients, which truly shows that positive management reflects positively among the staff. Thanks, Amada!

by Lindsay Bernal on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Hands down the best around

Hands down the best home care company I have worked for. They really truly care about their clients, as well as their employees. They are so supportive of their employees and work hard to ensure they, as well as their clients, are happy.

by Valerie Gray on Amada Senior Care Reviews
True passion for clients and employees

As an Amada employee, I absolutely love working here. I transitioned from driving a semi tractor trailer to return to the healthcare field. Amada was the company I chose to go to after speaking with several other caregivers. I was greeted in-person by Carley after speaking with her on the phone, and I was interviewed by the owner, Ryan. What made me want to be a part of this team was the passion Ryan showed for his employees and customers. It is an honor to be part of a team that truly cares. I love me some Carley, Ryan, and Tamara -- and yeah, even you, Justin. LOL! (You have to know me to understand my sense of humor.) I will absolutely without a doubt always be Team Amada. Thank you, Ryan, for allowing me to be part of one of the best companies on this side of the world. I love you all.
Valerie "Mother Trucker" Gray (They gave me this name when I was awarded employee of the month in June.)

by Doris Fredrick on Amada Senior Care Reviews
An honor to work with Amada

Amada is a wonderful company to work for. They really care about their caregivers and their clients. They want to talk to every caregiver personally and not just about work, but their personal lives as well. The entire office staff sees every text from caregivers so they are all on the same page and share knowledge on each individual client. They reward their caregivers, as well, for doing good work. We have amazing clients, too. It is truly an honor to work with and for them.

Not just a paycheck

Amada is amazing. The owner, management, and all employees are kind, caring, and genuinely care about their clients, not just their paychecks. The owner and management truly care and provide for their hard-working employees like no other employer. I am so grateful to work for Amada and hope I have a longtime career with this wonderful and blossoming company!

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