Caregiver Jobs in Salt Lake City


Amada Senior Care Salt Lake City is hiring for the caregiver jobs listed below. Do you think you would be a great addition to the Amada team? If so, please click on the orange button above or on the link below to apply.

We are interviewing individuals with the appropriate credentials and experience to fill home care aide and personal care attendant positions throughout the Salt Lake City area. Read on to learn more about working with Amada Senior Care.



Why is Working for Amada Senior Care Salt Lake City so Special?


Career Growth is Encouraged

  • We at Amada are proud of our caregivers and want them to achieve their career goals. To encourage our caregivers to grow with Amada, we provide mentoring, free continuing education courses, and other opportunities for career mobility.

Pay is Competitive

  • While the personal satisfaction that comes from caring for an ill or elderly person is significant, we realize that can’t be our caregivers’ only motivation. Amada wages are consistently industry-competitive, and pay is based on experience, seniority, performance, and specific job duties.

Free Continuing Education Options

Members of the Amada team have access to a number of free continuing education courses, such as:

  • Training for state certifications.
  • CEUs for Certified Nurse Assistants and Registered Nurses.
  • Training on client-specific conditions (such as diabetes), both on-site and online.
  • Brush up on your basic skills and equipment knowledge with the Amada Training Center.

Flexible Shifts and Schedules

  • Many of our caregivers have responsibilities or family commitments outside of Amada, and it is important that we try to accommodate their scheduling needs as much as possible. We offer a range of hours and shifts, from full- to part-time work, to day, night, or weekend shifts.

Caregiver Appreciation, Bonuses, and Rewards

  • When you are as dedicated to your work as our caregivers are, it means a lot to know your effort is appreciated. At Amada, we are always looking for new ways to show gratitude to our team, from caregiver appreciation events, to bonuses for “Caregiver of the Month” or “Caregiver of the “Year,” to rewards like gas cards, grocery cards, movie tickets, and more.

A Strong National Presence

  • We love living in Salt Lake City, but should our caregivers decide to relocate we may be able to help them find work with one of more than 80 Amada offices spread across the country.

Professional and Caring Staff

  • We have carefully built our Amada staff with people who are professional, friendly, and compassionate because it is important to us that our team members actually enjoy working together.

Tools and Tech to Make Your Job Easier

  • We have developed tools such as our Caregiver Portal to speed and streamline administrative tasks like scheduling, ADL documentation, and care journaling so that our caregivers can spend more quality time with their clients.


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