by Brian Weld on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Assurance of Quality Asistance

I really appreciated the way Amada was able to provide quality care for my parents, as well as an assurance that they were getting the most from their long term care insurance. Jonathan went to bat for us with the insurance provider, ensuring delivery of service in accordance with the policy, which would have been difficult to navigate without help. Thanks Amada!

by Diana Welch on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Great service and well qualified

Amada Senior care provided great service and well-qualified home heath care staff. I would highly recommend them.

by Patrick Murphy on Amada Senior Care Reviews
An amazing 5 star home care company

Amada Senior Care in Oceanside California is an amazing 5 Star home care company. I am the CEO/Owner of Amada Senior Care in Austin Texas. Fred, Janice, and Jonathon Love providing care to seniors and hiring wonderful caregivers. When I first purchased my franchise I wanted to be trained by the best so I called Fred and Jonathan and they invited me down to ride along with Jonathan to learn from him. Prior to Jonathan part owning a franchise, he was the head trainer for Amada corporate. Training with Jonathon, Fred, and Janice was clearly one of the business decisions I made. I was just nominated Rookie of the Year. They are all True professionals and it's no wonder why they have so many clients. Thanks again for the help. It's deeply appreciated!

by Ashley McMullen on Amada Senior Care Reviews
The staff works very closely together.

Coming from an employee at Amada Senior Care: Amada in Spanish means beloved or loved. This company not only shows love to their clients, but also to their caregivers. While working I got hurt. Jonathan and Miriam were my support system and made sure I was OK and taken care off. Janice and Fred are great people. They are easy going and are always there to listen to what you have to say. If you have any problem they will make sure it gets looked into and fixed. Imani is a great help and she does the best she can to get all your questions answered or finds someone who can answer them for you. The staff works very closely together. I went in for my interview and Janice was ready to hire me right away. I did not have my HHA license or my Live Scan finger prints done. They guided me and I got both done. The Live Scan costed $75 and I didn't have the money right then and there so they had $25 pulled from my first three paycheck to help me cover that cost. Scheduling can be tough at times and not all hours are guaranteed for the month because some of the clients that come in don't need help for a long time. As long as you talk to Miriam she can find you hours, but you have to be flexible. I have enjoyed the variety of clients I have been able to work with. All of the knowledge and experiences I have received while working for Amada Senior Care will follow me throughout my career.

Amada was a great pleasure to work with.

We are so fortunate that we were introduced to Jonathan and this wonderful company. Although we were Amada clients for a short time, it made a huge difference to our family and to my father. The quality of life in his last few months skyrocketed, once he was introduced to your three great caregivers: Quy, Ulpiano, and Mark. They each had their own great abilities, but they had in common their dedication, professionalism, and caring. In addition, any time we had a question or request Jonathan was personally right on it. He always made me feel that our concerns or queries were reasonable. In short, Amada was a great pleasure to work with. Once Amada was in our lives, for the first time in a long time, I felt we were doing everything for my father we could do. For that, I am so grateful. If ever Amada or any of these three gentlemen need a recommendation, please do not hesitate to call us.

by Barbara Mallard on Amada Senior Care Reviews
What a great service and what a great caregiver

A note to thank you for your help and support for my husband, Mike! I asked if you could provide a male nurse to be with him and you sent the most wonderful, caring person, Scott Monroe. He was so compassionate and kind to Mike and my husband was comforted by his soft voice and his gentleness! What a great service and what a great caregiver Scott was to not only Mike but to me and my entire family. Mike passed away on June 6th at 8:15 p.m. but died with me and all his kids/spouses & grandbabies around him and he was finally at peace. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR US!! Barb Mallard Escondido, CA.

by Brenda Catt on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Best Experience In Care With My Recovery

I can't say enough good things about Amada Senior Care. I am not a senior but did have to have major surgery on my hip. Fred and his wife, (the Owners), were incredibly professional and helpful with coordinating and finding the perfect caregiver from their team to assist in my recovery. I was concerned about someone being in my house since I have a child. Their team member Thelma, was wonderful, kind, professional and incredibly helpful in my recovery. My son loved her and cried when he found out she wouldn't be helping me anymore. During my recovery, Thelma's car broke down. She still found a way to be at my home on time and without any phone calls or complaints about her personal troubles. One day, she was unable to coordinate a ride and Fred and his wife brought her and took her home that day. I was so impressed. Through all of that, Thelma, Fred and his wife always made me feel like my recovery was first priority. I thank the team at Amada for everything they did for me. You will be in good hands with Amada Senior Care.

by Debbie Burke on Amada Senior Care Reviews
My family and I couldn't be any happier with the service of Amada.

I just want to thank Amada for everything they have done and continue to do for our mom. She tells me on a daily basis she is happy and appreciative for Carmen, her caregiver. She also tells me she doesn't know what she would do without her. Our mom is spoiled by all of the attention and attention to details that Carmen gives her. 🙂 Fred also is completely hands on and adjusts to our schedules and answers ALL of our questions completely. This time in our mom's life and changes that have occurred are all very foreign to us. Amada makes everything make sense! THANK YOU AMADA! You all are truly a blessing.

by Karen Ghattas on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Wonderful, caring company.

Hiring Amada to care for my mom after she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She was diagnosed on October 27, 2015. On November 29th, we checked her into the hospital for severe pain and vomiting, and on December 6th, the hospital decided there was nothing else medically wrong with her that Medicare was going to pay for and told me at noon that they would be discharging her to my care that same day. The owner of Amada, Fred Ehlers, personally met me at the hospital that afternoon to offer his company's service. I had been advised by the hospital to hire a different care givers company, but after spending time with Fred, there was no way I was not going to hire him. And my instinct was right. His people were so caring and so professional. At first, I was worried about having strangers in my house 24/7. But Amada's employees were amazing. I have never met such loving and caring people as his staff. They literally never took their eyes off my mom. Things got really bad towards the end, and I saw and felt things that I didn't even know I could endure seeing or feeling, but Fred's staff were steady and never wavering in their commitment to do whatever it took to ensure that my mom was comfortable and taken care of. I am so grateful to this company. And thank you to Jason Park, of Margo-Park Investments, who recommended Amada to me. You and Fred are truly the best.

by Lilo Groenberg on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Wonderful In Home Care

I could not say enough good things about Amada Senior Care and owner Fred Ehlers. During my recent post-surgery convalescence, Amada Senior Care provided excellent in-home care. From initial contact, the beginning of, for the duration of and until the end of my care Mr. Ehlers displayed a genuine concern for my well-being and recovery. His knowledge of the long-term and short-term care industry, his professionalism and expertise in planning, handling and procuring the required care I needed, resulted in a flawless and anxiety-free recovery. The wonderful home health aide his agency provided assisted me with bathing, dressing light-housekeeping and caring companionship during my daily walks. I highly recommend Mr. Ehlers and Amada Senior Care.