caring for us

When I was discharged from the hospital, I needed some help at home. My husband was on oxygen and not really able to do a lot around the house to help me, and I couldn't do the things I had done. Dave met with us and said he would provide a "second wife" in the house. We laughed at that and felt he knew what we needed. A caregiver came in 3 hours a day for 5 days. We did that for months. They provided one caregiver, and she was there for months. We loved her.

A couple months later I was starting to get better but my husband was declining some. The family made the decision that we needed 24 hour care all week long. We met with Dave and he said he would get good caregivers for us to provide round the clock care. We had 3 caregivers come in each week and they kept those 3 for several months. My husband was really declining and having difficulties with his oxygen levels. One evening he left the table and went to the bathroom. The caregiver, Kim, went to check on him and he fell into her and stopped breathing. She performed CPR several times and called 911. They tried reviving him many times but he died that evening. Kim stayed with us all evening. Dave came to be with us and talked with family about what we needed that night. Kim went home with me, which was really good. She stayed and helped at the house the next day, making meals and just helping make sure family and friends we taken care of. I really was amazed and thankful for the help she provided. I would recommend them to anyone. Every caregiver we saw was loving to us and wanted to help every way they could.

Amada Senior Care Sugar Land

I was referred to Amada Senior Care Sugar Land and a couple other agencies when my Mom was about to be discharged from the hospital. Dave came right away to meet with me and explained all my options. My mother has some dementia, and I knew I needed someone with her while I worked. They provided a caregiver to work 10-12 hours a day. Dave said they would help with laundry and other housekeeping jobs, but I said I did them after work. I guess he told them to do it anyway. I came home and the clothes were washed, dried, folded and put away. When I saw him a few days later, I told him I didn't realize what a difference this would make in my life. I had been doing everything, and was getting so tired. I could hardly think about the next day. This gave me time to spend with my mother, and get some rest.

Eventually my Dad came home. He had fallen in the nursing home and had many difficulties all of a sudden. A few days after he came home, the caregiver came in and immediately called me. He was stopping breathing and then starting. He was having great difficulty. She sat with him and comforted him while he was dying. It was so good having her there to be with me an help. She took Mother aside when the police and ambulance came and talked with her so she didn't have to see what would have really upset her. I so appreciated that she was proactive in helping. That happened so many times while they were caring, that I came to expect it. I don't know if every caregiver is like that, but all their were and it made it so nice for me.

Amada Senior Care Sugar Land

I contacted Amada Senior Care Sugar Land to obtain care for my mother who was on hospice care due to pancreatic cancer. She had a caregiver during the day, but we needed someone who would stay with her the rest of the time, making sure she got her pain medications on time. Amada sent a caregiver the first night who was excellent. I figured that they would send the best at the start. Due to the number of hours, I knew there would be more than one caregiver, and expected the care to fall off some when the second came in. Over the 6 weeks, there were 4 or 5 different caregivers. I can't tell who was the best. There was no one we didn't think loved my Mom. They all did, and she loved them. The night she died, the caregiver stayed and helped with everything, both for my Mom and for us as a family. I have nothing but good things to say about Dave and the caregivers they provided. They all cared about us as if we were their family.